Apology gift for being unable to attack, defend, join... basically unable to play at all was grossly inadequate

This apology gift was recently sent in varying forms to all players, it is extremely disappointing to those of us that basically couldn’t play for 3 days prior to and at the beginning of breed event… can u plz adjust and sent to those of us that lost out the most what we would have missed out on by not having access, it’s only fair…


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Stop creating duplicate threads

This is what one person posted that they received as compensation more to the point of what we should be receiving…


This is not a duplicate, addressing a diff concern

I keep hoping for an apology gift for the huitzil nerf either hey here’s all your sygils back or hey here is a mythic warrior attack rune and a mythic warrior attack glyph lol.

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It is a duplicate, your other one was closed so you posted a new one. That’s a duplicate.

That one was closed as I was writing it… :expressionless:

I’ll never understand why some players feel like moderators themselves.


Ikr lol… jeez super frustrating when u are writing something and it gets closed as u are writing it… then u get some random flagging it for a duplicate :woman_facepalming:


That’s a lot of xp potions. Are you sure someone wasn’t teasing you? :eyes:

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No Sam, was in the other thread, where we were all trying to be heard… she put 4 tickets to get that, and was still trying for the gold… mathematically that’s what she would have lost during that time

Wow. She is a beast :flushed:

Sal maybe possibly quickly take a small look at your Line :eyes:

I received those pots after showing my math for 2 days of multipliers lost for 3 baby drags. It took, oh, about a dozen petitions.

I never got my gold.

You quite literally duplicated a thread that I closed. Please do not do this again.

Feel free to contact support for more information.

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