Apology gift for broken event just broke my game

I just had an item added to my account. I believe due to issues with the event. When I try to claim it…my game freezes. That’s some funny sh*t. This happening to anybody else?


I’m having same issue on iPad 6th and iPad 7th generation. Click on store screen freezes and have to close game out. And I have not update to 14.2 iOS yet

Yup same thing every time @PGGalileo please fix this :pray:

Same here! Tried 3 times and the urge to click the shiny button is still there though :sob:

I was able to collect the prize on my iPhone but I can’t collect the prize on the account on my iPad. I deleted and reinstalled the app on the iPad as well. Filing ticket now.

I have updated to the latest version on the iPad.

Same here. Store crashes game. And atlas is super laggy and glitchy, too. Gold runs taking several minutes to register, or not at all unless restart. Is it me or is Kingdom Wars just plain cursed?

Irony at its most


I also am able to claim prize on 2 iPhones but my iPad 6th hangs the game.
With iOS 14.01. I haven’t upgraded to 14.2 per PGs warning.
What’s the status of the 14.2 bug?

This can be discussed here, in the discussion thread.

@PGGalileo @moderators

(tagged Galileo because he closed one Assault-related thread, figured he might want to close this one too?)

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cough talk about a cliffhanger at the top of Mount Everest quiet the drop of diagnosed freezing and irony of mountains.
It’s happening too me too

Couldn’t you have just continued this in the KW Discussion thread instead of making a new one?


I just complained, too.

Please continue the discussion in the link provided by Jalen above. Thank you

Happy to report that we’ve found a fix. I’ll let you all know when it’s live.


All right, the fix is now live. Can someone please try collecting it again after full-closing and restarting the game?