Apology gifts are great

Apologies are all well and good especially when given with a gift of 2, 145,000 food. But then the food never shows up in storage or chests?:joy::rofl:

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Click on the + next to your food indication

Restart your game/device. If that doesn’t work report in-game. The food is given to you in the form of food packs as @BooandMinsc said, and the above fix should work for the gold chests.

How did you manage to get to a high enough level to get such big food packs and still never find out how food and lumber packs work?

Like BooandMinsc said, you can click your supply meters at the top right to see your packs. You can also try to feed a dragon that you don’t have enough food for and the game will show you the food packs you can open to make up the difference.


Now that’s a mystery

Just imagine how many they must have if they have never used any. Lol.

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I guess because I don’t like bothering people with stupid questions that younger pp think I should automatically know just to make myself feel stupid!:joy::rofl: I do that enough.

Don’t worry everyone is always learning something new.

So you have to tell us, how man did you have saved up?

Well when I could finally get my chests open yesterday I hat two that had 145,000 food and today when I got the gifts I got 3 gold chests with speed ups and 2 / 145,000 food again call me blonde but there nowhere to be found!

Click the + on the top right of your screen by where it shows how much food you have. It should open a window that shows you your food packs.

Click the pack to apply it into your storage.

Haha apologies, it was not my intention to make you feel bad. And thanks for calling me young :joy:

Easiest way to find out is just trying to build something or feed something you can’t afford by accident, you must be a more careful clicker than me to have never run into that.

When you are on your normal base interface after opening the game, there are 2 bars in the upper right corner, right?
1 for how much food you have, and 1 for how much lumber.
On the food and lumber icons, there is a small white + sign.
Click it and you’ll see all the food/lumber packs you have :wink:



Ok will try that thank you :joy::rofl::crazy_face:

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Take a pic and share bc I am really curious how many you have now :eyes:


Very welcome. Nothing more annoying than having free stuff and not being able to use it. Chances are, if you’ve never used food or lumber packs, you’ll be in for a surprise and have a ton of them :+1:

Have you never wondered where the food packs from bronze and gold chests go?..

Alternatively, try feed something which needs more than the food in your storage.

Guy’s going to finally find where the food packs are and jump to #1 in the world rankings in this event.

think of all those 100 value food packs…

I did thanks helped teammates out too thanks again

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