Apophet broken after update 4.16

After 2 times using nightshade i can not use it again, this sucks big time. Everytime a new update is released it brings a lot of trouble with it. Apo is fucked now tnx

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@pgjared @arelyna @PGPulse

Slayer did you log a ticket?

what did you do before it did that?

looks like when you use it 3 times it grays out.

I just tried it and I used it 5 times. I’m not having any issue with using Apophet. If I was you I would put a support ticket in

okay I got it, use it multiple times in quick succession. When you use nightfall and the screen doesn’t go dark, thats where it grays out

basically like this,

Night fall > umbral > night fall > umbral > night fall (bug) > you can’t do it again.

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So basically spamming nightfall makes it grey out? Why are you spamming it?

that’s one way to do it, however, there might be other ways to make it bugged out. So long as you use nightfall in quick succession, it seems to bug out.

I just don’t understand why someone would need to spam nightfall.

White Spells is why.


taking out mage tower since nightfall + umbral makes it a white spell that 1 hits a building much like a white death gaze.

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Yeah but that should be the only time to take out a mage that is stopping the other spells and maybe heal a little if needed. I don’t understand why a person would use nightfall over and over again. Example nightfall, blue nightfall red nightfall red. Is that what you were doing @Slayer1712

Like I said, its 1 way to bug it out, there might be other ways of bugging it out so he might have done another method.

can’t waste more healing potion to test this >.<

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I did that. They are trying to help out. Exactly like kentiki says

oooh that’s why I could not use Nightfall. I have the same issue :confused:

Thanks for bringing this to us. Please log a ticket with support so we can investigate further!

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The same with me

When Mage supershoot, and Apophet recharge the rage. I can’t use NightFalls spell

I’m already send the ticket

I sent a ticket in as well over a week ago and the response was we are looking into it “the developers” and the ticket was closed

Same thing is happening to me, on a tough base where u need to get rid of 2 bully towers really quick, u need to nightfall>spike>nightfall>spike and then nightfall to keep going on the rest of the towers (especially with defenders dropping repairs hard). I hope they find the issue because Short strong bases are tough to beat without being able to use nightfall after it bugs out

I I did send my ticket in today on it :wink: couldn’t ignore it any longer lol