Apophet Bug When Flying with Other Dragons

I got apophet this past breed event and when I was following myself on xp runs I noticed that when I was following with Kinnarus my dodo would die (which is very very rare on xp bases) and when following with Moonfang he wont heal at all. Is there a bug or glitch with Apophet that’s not allowing other dragons to use their spells? I checked thru the forum to see if anyone else had posted this but didn’t see anything about it. Also I tried this out with a friends Apophet as well and it did the same thing. Figured id mention it.


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It’s a bug on the dodo/summoned dragon type spells. You can’t use 2 dragons with those spells as it will cause the second dragon to have problems.


Should probably nerf Sage again due to this


Ok makes sense but what about dragons that heal? Like Moonfang. He wont at all. Click the white spell and he just dies lol

I’d think it’s related? I won’t be sure until you buy me a moonfang but the Kinn/dodo part is true. Same stuff happens when the summon warrior spells from forge are used. Can’t speak on moonfang though (I was kidding about buying me one btw)

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Summon spells affect vamp for following dragons so that’s probably the issue here. I suspect the dodo heal is based off the vamp code.

This I didn’t know, what happens to Vamp?

Well that’s a bummer. Especially if they know its not working properly. Oh well thanks for the info fellas!

And cheeky I was just about to buy you one but then u said u were just kidding :slight_smile:

We can split the difference I’ll just take the Necryx line win win for us both :rofl:

Vamp doesn’t work if it follows a summoned dragon spell

Gotcha thanks. Doesn’t seem to work too well anymore anyways lol

@PGPulse The issue with above with the summon-type spell was reported on the old forums; I’m not sure if it ever got to you. The Vamp Touch one is new to me, though.

They should know about the summon issue unless they have literally 0 contact with their customer service. I know it switched, but it didn’t switch until way after many a report of this bug. (hence my time to nerf Sage again joke lol)

I know something you don’t???

Thanks! I understand that this is an unusual bug and is causing inconvenience. I’ll talk to the team to see if we can increase priority to fix this.

This is an old bug. If lead dragon is Apophet or uses the Summon Warrior spell, the training Kinnarus’ Dodo has lower HP than usual.

@PGPulse I reported this way back when Summer season started, tech support said nothing is unusual even after I shared them a video. :man_shrugging: I simply didn’t lead with Apophet. lolz.

If you swap out Apophet before he finishes summoning his shadow, kinnarius’s dodo should be okay. Maybe this will also work with Moonfang’s heal

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