Apophet's Nocturnal Fissure

Hi all
Guys, I have Apophet for about 1 week but I still do not understand one thing:
When Nocturnal Fissure is empowered by Nightfall, the duration of the aforementioned spell (Nocturnal F.) is much shorter than the unpowered spell itself. Basically, when the spell turns white, the duration is shorter (the duration,when its white, is unstable. Sometimes 1/2 sec, sometimes 2/3 sec, other times full 4 sec)
Can someone explain to me why? Thanks and I hope I explained myself :slight_smile:

Because white spells are more powerful (because they can be casted no matter what as long as you have the rage), so the duration decreases.

Ok but those duration is just random. Sometimes full 4 sec, sometimes 1 2 sec… Is just casual

It’s based on damage taken.

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What do u mean?

Take it up against a level 1 tower and see how long it last. Then take it up against a level 60 flak and see how long it lasts.


It absorbs less damage when empowered but converts it to health. It’s a trade off.

In general, all white spells that has similar effect of a regular blue/red are weakened. Nightfall+noct fissure is kinda unique tho Because for me a weakened dmg absorption +healing effect of % is almost the same the regular noct fissure with the regular amt of dmg absorption.

I had the same issue when I got apophet. Someone compared his white version of nocturnal fissure to explosive shield. It can only obsorb so much damage before it breaks vs regular nocturnal is more like invincibility shield and just has a duration of 4 seconds.

another thing, what stats increase Nightfall ?? /(rage boost / dmg …) thx u

Far as I know there’s nothing out there for it

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Does Nocturnal Fissure absorb Flak damage? I know it absorbs projectiles but I’m not sure if the flaks are considered projectiles. Also does nightfall make equipped spells white?

Yes and no.

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Wait your serious? So you could make a white invincibility shield?

IT pretty much only absorbs 1 flak shot and then it heals you and then you die. Butter to use the whit DG to take out blue and use the noc fissure normal to absorb the flak.


Awesome, I won’t have apophet until i get A+A anyhow, but good to know thank you😊

That was why I asked the question lol…white invincibility shield is OP lol

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I took a ss of a YouTube video…but the freeze isn’t white :thinking:
Is this outdated or…? Anyone have a video of an equipped spell turning white on apophet?

It’s not supposed to be white.