Apophet's Shadow Now Worthless

I thought Apophet and its shadow was supposed to be rebalanced…all I see is a summoned warrior that dies with one hit (and Apophet significantly weakened)


That’s great but my post has nothing to do with spells. It has to do with the health of a dragon, its “helper”, and its ability to withstand attacks as it did before.

If certain towers had their strength increased, then the health and ability of certain dragons to withstand attacks should be increased, especially for legendary and mythic dragons.

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which is in the balance changes thread -


Again, not what I’m talking about. You keep referencing an INCREASE in its ability. I’m talking about a DECREASE. Apophet is now WEAKER following the latest update.

I get the feeling you’re experiencing the increased tower attack fiasco after the last update. Hang in there and once it’s rolled back Apo’s shadow will be back to ‘normal’…

There’s also the update here, but not everyone is convinced that it works (or if it requires a new patch). :see_no_evil:

So, pretty much, the shadow is getting buffed but wasn’t pushed yet, and the tower buff fix was pushed but maybe not pushed or needs a patch. :woman_shrugging:

Actually, what I think is happening here is a bug that has something to do with flying two dragons with Summon Warrior back-to-back. We have a ticket open to investigate (61469). @CaptBuckRogers Are you only seeing this happen when using something like the combination of Kinnarus and Apophet?

Will lightning familiar experience this bug as well? Is this something the team is actively working on or is it cloak bug esque and we’re SOL?

My teammates that have Apophet (I don’t have him yet) have mentioned that Apophet’s shadow now dies incredibly fast without any other summon warrior dragons flying. I personally have witnessed it happen, too, while following a teammate and watching the shadows health drop to zero after one or two hits. He will be the next dragon that I breed and I’m a little bummed out that a mythic drag that will take a few breeding event cycles to crank out can’t seem to hold its own and is being outpaced by sekhem.

I’m just going to keep it real here. When was Apophet (aka Kinnarus older brother) not worthless?

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actually if you use it right, Apo can be a good lead to take out flak and mages, cast night fall, spike the red tower or/and Flak, equip reverse fence off blue mages and other projectiles.
I fly hunter mostly, but Apo is by far the most superior sorc and has a decent shelf life, had him in my roster along with Haus for a while until I got Ferga…Kin as powerful as it is, just cant do sh*% for high level farms.

:rofl: (wish I could just leave that smiley as a comment)

The bugs causing Summoned Warriors/Dodos/Shadows/Hellspawn to get killed easily are fixed in v4.00. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! (Sorry for not getting back…missed your question). Can’t wait to have this fix in hand!

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