App not loading anymore on any device

Hey there,
Anyone got any idea on how to fix the issue described below? I opened a ticket a few minutes ago but nevertheless wanted to give it a chance that someone of you guys had ever experienced a similar issue and maybe has a quick resolution for me? Or maybe there is a chance you can check this? @PGJared @PGEggToken It is Ticket ID 1143246
Please can you have a look - thanks.

Dear support,

This is an IMMEDIATE AND SEVERE issue as the game is not loading anymore on any of my devices. I have been playing solely on iPhone 7 with iOS 11.3 which was working till one or two hours ago. Then it started with having trouble accessing Atlas. So I deleted the app and reinstalled, as this sometimes fixes some issues.

But in this case it made it even worse. The app stays in the loading screen forever until
“preparing your base” is at 100%. Even reinstalling and rebooting the iPhone several times could not fix this.

So what is absolutely strange now is that the very some issue now also appears on my iPad where I haven’t logged on for quite a while. Last time it worked but now it shows the same symptoms as described above.

It is not a matter of lacking internet access as I also tried with/without WLAN and can delete and reinstall the app from AppStore.

So currently I am locked out of game entirely and it looks to me as a server based issue with my player profile, as it suddenly appears on two different devices not having had any issues up to now.

CAN YOU PLEASE CHECK AND FIX THIS ASAP as I cannot play anymore at all?

Kind regards

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Just wanted to note here that other iOS players globally are also experiencing the issue; they’re putting in tickets via zendesk.

I have it as well, keep being stuck on loading screen. It keep alternaning between preparing your base and downloading assets but game never open. Zendesk said to reinstall app wich i did 3 times already and game still not working on ipad air 2.

Mine, too

As soon as island popped it stopped working

Yeah same issue here with me. Stuck on 100% preparing base. Lame

:thinking: Did it freeze part way through with audio stutter?

Sorry about this folks! The team has been aware of this issue and they’re currently looking into it. As soon as there’s an update, we’ll let you know.

Same issue on my iPad but not my iPhone. Odd.

It’s happening to me too

Update: The team has identified the cause of the issue and is currently working on releasing the fix for this.

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Same issue on my iPhone after update 11.3.1 iOS.

The fix for this is now live. Please full-close and restart the game. If anyone still experience this problem, please let us know. Thanks for everyone’s patience!

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Thanks mate, back working.

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