App not opening on ios

Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but I read someone else’s thread from last year that they couldn’t access the game after an uninstall on the iPhone. I’ve not been able to play oncover a week now. I paid for an elite account that I can’t use and it looks as though it’s an issue on the apps end. It will not load on my phone or my iPad. I’ve tried everything under the sun to get it working again and nada. It either gets to 100% and stays there never actually opening the game or hits 52% and completely shuts down and returns me to my home screen. Super frustrating. Took it to Apple and they said nothing wrong with my phone and my WiFi connection is great. Everything worked fine until the latest update. What’s worse is because I haven’t been able to play I’m sure I’ve been booted from my team! Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and how can I fix it?!

Have you filed a ticket with support using this site?

Unfortunately I believe you need your support ID if you haven’t registered with them before, which would be hard to retrieve since you are locked out of the game. Hopefully you have a screen shot of it somewhere?

I do have it!!! I’ll send one in! Thank you!


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