Apple Watch App can be better for sure

Many of you most likely have an apple watch with the war dragons app downloaded. Though it doesn’t have much use. It tells you how many balloon missions are waiting, how many dragons are ready and your supply of egg tokens, wood, and food. Personally, I believe that the app is capable of more. Can we add the chat so we can communicate with our team and similar stuff like collecting rewards (pumpkin event collecting and next season festive sorcerer) I believe that this will be better even though the gif bellow the info is cool, the app has more potential.

@PGJared @PGLawson can we add this to the app it would be appreciated?!

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Well one thing that would be cool is if it could somehow (Taptic) notify you when a battle invite happened on an iPad. Although, almost everyone will probably have their watch paired with their phone, so unless it had some ability to notify you from an account on another device, it might not be as useful

How about a team chat connection or something?
@Eidolon just download war dragons onto your phone and then sign in to your account if you play iPad. IDK

The reason I play on the iPad is the larger screen. For me it’s a lot easier to fly a hunter when a single finger doesn’t cover 2 towers

Wouldn’t it be great if you could initiate breeding and let that run through on your Apple Watch? It drives me crazy when I have to sit online and let it load… and load… and load. Since we are giving suggestions :grimacing: I think it would also be cool to be able to pull up the dragon summary (ie xp for next level, Food for next level, current level, ap, etc)

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