Application Tab Question

This has been bothering me since I started almost 3 years ago. What the heck is the purpose of this tab?

Especially since the applications actually show up in this tab.

Can we get rid of the confusing useless tab please? Maybe turn it into something helpful like a recruiting tab mentioned in Idea to make recruiting easier and to block unwanted invites because we NEED this!?

Isn’t that for when YOU apply to a team??

One is for viewing applicants to your team. The other is for viewing your applications that you’ve sent to other teams. I can never remember which tab is which though :thinking: :t_rex:

Right most tab is YOUR applications

Third from the right is application to your current team from other players (aka i’m an officer i can see it)

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Thanks!! I never apply to teams, so it’s always empty lol.

It would be nice if the pages for each tab had a title telling you what they are for instead of both of them just saying your current team name. Seems like an easy fix. :+1:t3:


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