-Teams can choose to accept apprentices/trainees or not. Must have minimum 40 team members to be allowed apprentices. Platinum and above?

-Team members will be able to claim prices (like we can if a teammate buys packs) whenever the
trainee reaches different checkpoints. At level 10, teammates can claim 500 rubies. Level 20, 600 rubies and so on, up to level 100.

-If an apprentice decides to change team, they can either join another team the normal way, or start as an apprentice in another team as long as they are below level 100.

-If an apprentice stays in the same team (where he got his training) he will continue to give his teammates rubies every 100th level. (Promoting loyalty)

May not make a HUGE impact, but might encourage midlevel players to help new members progress, and stay in the game.