Appropriate level to breed a gold legendary?

I am a relatively new player who is almost ready to breed Whalegnawer for the first time. Most of the online guides I have read say this should be done by levels 70-77. You need Yersinu to breed Whale. My Yersinu is level 10 and has to be 12 to breed. Game is telling me I need den level 18 to finish training Yersinu to 12 but I can’t get den level 18 till level 84. Can someone please explain what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

Yersinu can breed at level 8 :+1:


Check out this post.


Woo, whale is the OG :+1: congrats.

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I’m a level 51 and have epic Gold’s ready to go but can’t incubate until 63 :confused:

I’m level 77, just bred Whalegnawer & working on Consurgens (I tried not to use mystic frags, I really tried lol). I can’t get Whale to breeding level until base lvl 84, and since he’s the next parent on my breeding path, it looks like I’ll be a little stuck for a while…

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I am a lvl 80 and at first I did not follow a breeding path and it really has hurt my dragons because they are all under powered. I should have had Gold legendary a while ago but am just now getting it. The breeding paths are the way to go. Also if you look at this calculator it can help you find info you may need on dragons:

This person has worked very hard on them and it is real user friendly.

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Same :joy::tired_face:

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