APR influences gained glory for snipers/attackers if they are attacked?


Let’s assume, I have a glory-%-value of 50% (my APR is much better than the teams’ APR I attack)
If someone attacks me (from the defending team) I only get 50% glory!? I always assumed that this APR-influence is only active when attacking?

Thanks for a answer in advance.

Regards, Fib

This is correct. Go hit people your own APR if you actually give a crap about glory.

Thanks for your answer. I observed it during a date on one of our castles. Is that a “new” rule - means, changed that only few weeks ago or did I never mention before?

Why would you hit down your apr anyway?
Anything below 80 percent is dumb to snipe
Unless that team pissed you off and you wanna be butthurt about it or unless you are a “bully” Who is too weak to attack/snipe/conquer his own apr.
. Or they are gating precious stuff behind.

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It was only an assumption to make clear my point. See answer above: recognized during a date.

This is not a new rule. APR (based on den level) has been one of the two correction factors along side player level since the Feb 2020 update which amended attack power as the secondary component (worthy to note that influence was the secondary factor before attack power).


For me these days just about every gate is trash glory 50% or less.

Unfortunately I gotta hit 1-2 such teams to hit the real target.

If I’m sniping ill typically hit my APR or just below my APR for 85-100% glory. Hitting stronger teams is usually too much effort as they will retaliate sometimes for hours at a time.

If someone has a fat prim parked at a castle and its 80% I’m usually going to hit it.

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