April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!

Hey, Dragon Lords! We’re back with another forum contest! We will be doing a creative contest around War Dragons 3rd Anniversary being this month - April 16th, to be exact!

What do I need to do to participate?

  • Create something that highlights your favorite Dragons, has to do with War Dragons’ anniversary, or something that shows off what you love about War Dragons.
  • Examples include: drawings, songs, short stories, some form of baking, etc.
  • Entries will need to be submitted as: uploaded images to the forum, links to IG/FB/Twitter, links to Youtube or Vimeo, PDFs
  • Only 1 entry per player

Who will be judging the entries?
Entries will be judged by the War Dragons Team.

How long will this contest run? When will winners be announced?
This contest will run from today, April 13th, to Friday, April 27th. Winners will be announced on Friday, May 4th.

What can I win?
Prizes will be as follows:

  • 1st Prize: One War Dragons Swag Bag (the one featured on our Atlas Launch Stream), one poster, and 6,000 Springveil Sigils
  • 2nd Prize: One War Dragons Mug (also featured on our Atlas Launch Stream), one poster, and 4,000 Springveil Sigils
  • 3rd Prize: One poster and 2,000 Springveil Sigils


The winners are:

1st place: @PantheraOnca
2nd place: @K0nditer
3rd place: @LizDrakemoor


Some how I think there will be a lot about Ember and Hau. Just a feeling…

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Chunk :heart_eyes:. Many ode’s to Chunk. :sunglasses:


What not make first prize team gets Access to Atlas?

Bet entry’s would triple!


I actually was going to send out an in-game mail about it in a little bit.


Where do we submit an entry?

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daha güzel ejderha ve yeni beyaz büyüler elmaz ve siyah inci gibi parçaların alımının kolaylaşması oyunu daha çekici kılar. süper sgillerde arttırıla bilir fakat oyunda yapılabilecek en büyük farklılık oyuncular arasında odun ve et salışının sağlanması olur pazaryeri binası ile odun satmak isteyenler elmaz kazana bilir oyun içindeki odun ve elmas satışı kaldırılmalı . son yapılabilecek değişiklik te uyuna beyaz elmazta eklenmeli alınması zor fakat ejder taşlarını bile elde edecek kadar önemli olması dikkat çekecektir böyle bir eklentiyi parayla bile satabilirsiniz .EN DEĞERLİMİZ BEYAZ ELMAS OLMALI Teşekkürler…

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Oyunda kuleler için istenilen buz parcası ateş parcası ve element koru madenler maden ocaklarından cıkartılabilir inciler denizden temin edilebilir aynı et ve kereste fabrikalari gibi bir fabrikada işlenerek kullanılabilir duruma
getirilebilir tabi maden ocaklarının ve işlefabrikalarını sevyeleri yükseldikce üretim miktarı ve işleme hacmi büyüyebilir et odun gönderimleri için gemiler inşa edilir gemilerin sevyeleri yukseldikce taşıma haçmi artar ve araştırma binasında araştırmaşarla yelken buhar ve motorinle calışan daga gelişmiş sevyelere yükseltilebilir ejder sürücülerinin kıyafetleri ejderlere zırh yapılabilir bunlar araştırmalar sayende deri bronz demir çelik gibi sevyelerindede ve niteliklerindede gelişmeler saglanabilir
Ligler arasında kazanılan hediyeler makasıda cok açık üst igdekilee cok kazanıyor alt ligdekiler kazanamıyor gelişme cok yavaş oluyo bu makas aralıgı kapatılacak şekilde düzenlenmeli ve atlas her lige inmali herkesin kullanacagı bir yer olmalıki her şitlik geregi bu gerekli


Some say the War Dragons can be awfully cruel
But they don’t know us, and they don’t know our rules.
We help and we grow, and yes sometimes we tease
We may don our battle kilts and pray there’s no breeze.

We’re a fine group of folks, both mentors and friends,
With Dragons and hobbits and a Storm at each end
We rally together for glory, the Blackbloods can’t rest,
To rule all the kingdom and conquer our quests.

Led by a Draac, we go on attack
Some dragons may fall but they always come back.
And so we charge forth with our banners unfurled,
We raise them up high cause we love our War Dragon World


You can submit your entry directly into this thread. If it is a picture, you can upload it directly. If you have a link, please just make sure that it is public, so we can see it.


Sage was the first divine dragon I had the pleasure of getting. I’ve had to retire this spectacular dragon since. This dragon is what made me love this game and I’ll always have a special place for him, not in my roster, but in my heart. What was your first “special” dragon??


I did a drawing of Corthanak, its cute and fierce at the same time! I gave it my best shot and effort at drawing him!


I like to draw since childhood. The dragon drew when I was 16 years old. A girl painted for the contest. It’s a rider named Aleksa. Thank you for the wonderful contest.


For the Love of the Game

Another year, another day
The months, they come and go as the season ticks away
The great rise, yet even greater fall
And though time passes, the ones that remain stand tall

Friendships bound in frost and flame
And betrayals that will never leave us quite the same
The great many myths of our unity and our discord
These are the legends of the fabled dragonlords

A tale of blasting bases in our work places
Hiding the fierce passion that binds us all
A tale of mythical beasts, formed of fire and scale
And the occasional feathery ones that go on early season sales

We leash ourselves willingly to a dangerous pact
One that may even threaten our future contracts
Yet though we know the risks of our love for the game
Many of us continue to do very much the same

For this is our legend, our brief moment of glory
As our bonds grow firm we forge our own stories

Happy anniversary, my fellow flyers
A toast to the new dragon lords, and the ones that joined us prior
We are bound together through our love of the game
Here’s to another year with more of the same

:eyes: :tumbler_glass:



A soldier on a battlefield,
Astride a monster:
Golden Summoner,
Whose touch is poisoned,
And warm eyes slice souls.

She hears the cries of victims,
Still the fire rages through.
She feels the sobs tear unto her heart,
Tears in the eyes of families
Marked into her own.

Despite the havoc,
Heedless of the gloom,
She savages the land.
For in a world of life and death,
Sorrow has no place.

She finds solace in her height,
At which their cries are soft,
Faded in the howling winds.
She will be the victor,
She will feel no longer.


This winged creature snuck into my dreams some time ago no joke, it was so blurry I couldnt picture him well. Joke, im making excuses for my 5 year old phone art. HAHAHAHA.


I am a dragon artist, and this dragon is not one of war dragon’s dragon. But I always love dragons, I draw dragons everyday and I always want a game that have dragons in it , I tried to find one that’s just right for me, and finally I found this game. I loved this game because it inspired me even more in dragons, I don’t copy so. I draw my own. So I wish this dragon can be one of war dragon’s dragon. And this is also for the contest.
I draw this like a week, especially the dragon, I put all my effort on it. I always have loved art even when I was 2. So please put likes on my and give comments please😊

  • This dragon is always in my mind
  • Is no copy or getting ideas from others
  • all by hand and my favorite color pencils
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I needs to add the background
Anybody like my dragon please give a comment or a like😙
This dragon summons a dragon :dragon:


So colorful! I love the green :t_rex: