April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!


Vaya muchas gracias… mandare algo… Gracias de nuevo


Thank you so much! I had enough time to put a little more thought into it this time… usually I only find out about the contests on Facebook like three days before they are do! Anyway I have more art on my art page if your interested



Happy anniversary WD! I take a lot of photos of dragons so I thought I’d post some. Hopefully they will inspire you



not sure pics taken from internet are accepted.


These are all mine there are no water marks on them and a professional underwater photographer would take waaay better pics. I do a lot of diving in the south Pacific. That first pic was taken under an oil rig in Malaysia. It would be cool if WD got inspiration from what’s under the ocean there are so many dragon like creatures. I wish I had a pic of a Leafy Sea Dragon :pensive: it’s on the list thou!


I would love to see it if you don’t mind. :heart_eyes:


Ok the photos of the Leafy Sea Dragon are from the internet i.e not mine (see the difference in quality lol) they are fairly common in Australia.


I do not really have any darling I like all. Nevertheless, it had a dragon tattoo ago that is a little influenced by Vazir. Tattoo is not finished yet



In this case my bad. Didnt understood you were a photographer.


I looked through some of your works and I love all the techniques you use. Amazing! :heart_eyes:


Thanks! Feel free to like and follow that page I only post artwork no memes or anything just whatever pops out my head onto paper or canvas



That was pretty good! Loved it!


Leo is my first dragon to finish his evo stone to obsidian,I been playing war dragon for 5 months now,I have chimerak but sad to say I only have him to green,i start playing war dragon at the last 2 weeks in chimerak season,before that time I don’t know what to do about this game then I learn it everyday by the help of my friends and teammates,I love this game​:heart_eyes: more power and hope more fun coming in the future,thank you​:+1::+1:


My entry for the contest. Before I start I need to warn u. Do not read my post when u are under 18 yrs old. It could cause nightmares, anexiety and a lot of tears.

This Dragon is the most dangerous and scary dragon. You’ve never seen a dragon like her before. Normally she stays in a vulcan surrounded by lava. I think I’m one of the few ppl who survived meeting her. Just have a look by your own. Are u ready?
This is DIANAURUS. The deadly fire dragon from south Germany.

It shows my big sister :grin: That’s a portrait from her in her good mood. Don’t imagine what happens when I didn’t clean my room :sweat_smile: OMG SHE IS COMING!!! HELP!!! If u don’t hear someting from me in few hours… Please tell my brother he can’t have my video games. :tipping_hand_woman:

Wish me luck…

(Just joking, I love my sister and hope you could laugh at my post. Happy Anniversary WD! Wish u all a lovely day)


It is time to play WarDragons- we just finished an event
And those of us who play the game know it was time well spent
We join our teams we all work hard to boost our teammates up
And when we taste the victory, we quaff the golden cup!

So come along and join the game and win another war
Or strengthen up your bases, you know who you’re.fighting for
We all will join the dragon’s song so everyone can say
“Let’s do our best to help the rest and fight another day!”


Here is my Entry.


IGN of the Author: TsarKaiser

This story was written to tribute my awesome team in the game War Dragons: WeTheChosenFew _ The most joyful and awesome team I ever have.
I first knew about this game about 3 months ago. Once upon a time, there was a day I was in an extremely bad mood, I searched in my newsfeed on facebook to find something which is really interesting. I kept searching and searching, and suddenly, I stopped at an advertisement. It was designed quite simply, and it was not so different from other game ‘s advertisements. But I did get impressed by the title: WAR DRAGONS, since I loved war games and strategic games so much. I touched the download button and just like that, my journey in this game has begun.
The first impression which came from my first glance is the spectacular of the graphic design. It was really stunning and so beautiful, for the price of 600 MB. Now it is way heavier. Well, I think this game is really worth that amount of storage on my iPhone. Secondly, The drawings of dragons were terrific, the artists did draw them with their highest concentration. I could even see the small details, such as: fangs, toes, claws really clearly. And the destruction animations when buildings corrupted was also very stunning and impressive too. They even created the sounds of explosions: Ka-Boom !! At that time, I knew that I would follow this game for a very long time. In the following days, I did daily eggs missions, raising my dragons until I was able to join in a team.
I searched for a team in my bronze league, then applied to a team named Rongvang999. And got auto-accept by the game ‘s mechanic. This team made me super disappointed. The teammates were not really active and they didn’t want to talk, even we did share the same nationality. Three days later, I got an invitation from WeTheChosenFew_ a Gold League team. At first, I was really shocked and surprised. Because at that time, my character ‘s level was very low. As I remembered, only level 20 if I was right. I did some monologue in a few minutes, then I decided to accept that invitation. And from that moment, my real in-game journey has begun.

At the first moment, I knew that this was a great team. Every member, including the leader and officers, greeted to me. They made me feel that that: I was a really important person to them, that I was not a stranger, but a member of a big family. They never ever refuse to any requests for xp runs, no matter how low you are, at anywhere, anytime. Since I was new to this game, my in-game knowledge was very narrow, and I had lots of things to learn. At that time, I really needed some teachers to guide me, and so my mates decided to become my personal teachers. Well, honestly, they were really good teachers.
They taught me about lots of things, from the basic things like how to bookmark your targets, to complex actions, such as how to earn good points in some specific events. Most of my teammates are American, some of them are British, I’m the only Asian guy of this team. Because of the difference in time zone, I could not be online in their spare time, but they didn’t mind about that, not a single time. What they did from that day was remarkable: They stayed up very late and waked up at early morning, just to help me with xp runs, PvP events, and some of the vengeance actions when my based got raided. We talked about lots of things, both in-game and reality. We told our daily life stories to each other, some major and minor changes PGs made. At some occasions, we shared our advice to the one who needed for it. Day by day, they made me feel that they were so wise and sympathetic. I wanted to talk to them more and more, so I decided to wake up earlier in the morning. This action accidentally helped me to build up a good habit: to wake up early to chat and doing some morning exercises. Now I’m a lot stronger and healthier than I was 3 months ago. Thanks again my beloved mates, for helping me with my personal issues in my real life.
Time has gone by so fast, till the day PGs released the Kirin_herald of Truth. In our Asian culture, Kirin is a divine beast which carried the mission and power of gods. It brings luck to people and protect them from evils and darkness. Having a Kirin in my roster definitely made me feel exciting. My teammate knew it, and they put all of their efforts to help me get my first legendary dragon: Kirin, in my first PvP event. They showed me how to get him, how to use him properly and levelled up him. They also guided me how to make him be stronger, by putting the right runes for him. Needless to say, I enjoyed him so much. Though he was a red tier dragon, he showed that he was even mightier than the strongest dragon in purple tier. Now Kirin is not my main dragon anymore, Aibrean has taken his position. But sometimes, I still fly him around some Atlas miner ‘s bases. Talking about Aibrean, to me, he is definitely one of the strongest hunters in this game. His attack power is super high and his damage is devastating. He can blow up any bases in the range of 15 levels lower / higher than my character ‘s level. And my teammates were heavily impressed by the way I used him. By just one combo: Chaos plus a good fire spray control. Boom !!! Down go a whole island.
I sprayed the fire so well and so fast, the defenders even did not have a chance to activate supershot on their towers. Since that moment, one of my officers asked me to become his teacher, teach him how to fly hunters properly. Of course, I accepted to him immediately. I taught him how to combine the spells properly in order to maximize the damage the dragons could deal on towers.
Sadly, any parties do have an end, no matter how hard you try to lengthen it. Time changes, so do people. My mates were so busy with their rushing lives. They didn’t have time for War Dragons anymore. And so, In-game conversations reduced day by day. One day, I had to come up with a very tough choice: leaving this awesome team. I waited till they all went to sleep, then I quitted. Some people will blame me for not saying a word to my teammates. Well, It was not, completely. I didn’t say goodbye to them, wished all the best to them, though I really really wanted to do that. I’m scared of having to say goodbye to other people, and I couldn’t stand that.
After Having left the team, I thought that they would get angry with me, blamed me for leaving a team without saying a word. But the things happened in a totally different way: They even did not get mad at me. They asked why I decide to leave, then they said that they knew my feelings, and the reason why I did that. At the end, They wished all the best to me and reminded me to keep in touch. About me, I just couldn’t do anything except giving my thoughtful apology to them.
Now I’m in Platinum League. Prizes are higher than Gold ones and also the requirements for competitive gameplay. We are enjoying in Atlas at the moment. Platinum League is quite fun, people are friendly, but it doesn’t give me the joy as I used to have in Gold league. But It was my choice and I will not regret it.
To my beloved teammates in Gold League. Once again, I’m very sorry guys, I hope you guys can achieve all the best. To SuperNovaCF, I hope now you have become a good flyer with your hunters. Let’s rage the sky mate, I have faith in you. To EmbalmerCF, I will keep in touch with you and we will have some talks at 5 am, Amerian time, as we used to have. MavCF, congratulations on the leader position, you will be an excellent leader Mav, I’m sure that.
And the final words, whatever you are doing WeTheChosenFew, keep doing it and enjoying all the fun together.


Tarand was a dragon of ice
A white shield, sure to entice
Then Sage came along
With a Thunderstorm - strong.
Rejuvenation was also quite nice.