April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!


First time for everything, right? Borgian learned his lesson when having to babysit my other divines and teach them the ways of being a dragon and not ankle biters. I also added some of the rune spirits around them all (they’re trying to help).
My first divine was Borgian, and I instantly fell in love with him. As soon as he outgrew his rebellious “I’m-gonna-eat-everything” phase, he decided to be a mentor for a bit…
He doesn’t want to do it anymore. He says destroying bases are much easier. :joy:

Happy (late) anniversary War Dragons!! Cheers to another successful year of dragons and flying!! :dragon::heart:


Now, this is just an idea, but if you ever seen the movie “pete’s Dragon,” then your understand. Just as an idea, can Elliot be a dragon in this game and pete his rider? Just an idea, NOT an entry.


adorable drawing


Elliot maybe is too kind hearted for this game, maybe Maleficent from the sleeping beauty can be more appropriate.


Ein kleines Bildchen von Necryx (wer’s erkennen möchte), gerade ermordet - welch’ grausame Tat…
Trotzdessen ein äußerst gelungenes mobiles Spiel, tolle Grafik, super Support;
Kann nur zum dreijährigem Bestehen nur gratulieren, weiter so


I can imagine what happens next : the rider clinging to the wing of his dragon for dear life…

PS : @Midnightjumper your drawing is upside down (sorry I don’t speak German)


I think he is plummeting to his death (notice the rider fell off too).

Just a guess as I do not either


So many ppl here r so talented…im garbage at drawing :rofl::joy:


According to a translator, midnightjumper said
“ A small picture of Necryx (who would recognize it), just murdered - welch’ cruel act… Despite the meantime a very successful mobile game, great graphics, super support. Can congratulate only to the three-year anniversary of only, way to go”


IGN: HellisesPage
Happy third anniversary, War Dragons!
I wrote a short story with the new Spring Divine, the Corthanak, as core inspiration. I hope you enjoy reading it :blush:


Dally muttered obscenities to herself as she pulled on her new black fur lined boots. Druid Krieger had sent for her, saying he had a surprise in the training den for her. She had been trying to nap before the meeting on the fortification event, and was not happy that she’d have to go without the extra sleep. Still, the Druid was not one to disturb anyone without good reason. He had asked permission earlier that day to use some egg tokens, but would not say what for. She wasn’t up for an inquisition so she’d given him permission and waved him off. She hadn’t given the conversation a second thought, until now. She bounded down the stairs and onto the base, then jogged across to the Training Den.
Dally called to the Druid as she entered the training den and stopped dead in her tracks. The hulking beast standing on the platform before her was not like anything she ever could have imagined. Ever.
Her first impression was that it was a giant hippopotamus. With wings. And spikes down its back. It had more pink in its coloring than the dull grey most hippos seemed to have. It also had toes. The creature seemed to be smiling as well. Dally walked slowly around the dragon, at a safe distance, until Druid Krieger appeared from the shadows.
“Well, what do you think?” he asked excitedly.
Dally paused, looked at the creature then looked at the creature maker. “Well, first off he…she?..is absolutely adorable.”
“He is a he. Chunk.”
Dally nodded, then looked back at Chunk. “Where…I mean…how…what the heck did you do?”
Druid Krieger clapped his hands together excitedly. “Well, I’ve always wondered if we could get anything different if we bred Etzel and Drude, other than the three you already have: Bolt, Sahron and Habrok. I’d tried several times, unsuccessfully, but finally it actually worked! And, well, you know the rest.”
“What does he do? Spells and such?”
“Well, he’s a warrior class, with Super Rejuvenate and Cloak. His big spell though I call Belly Flop. It’s kind of like self destruct, only he lands with a thud and destroys everything around him. He’s done after that however.”
“Oh! And also, he’s an herbivore. Most of the time anyway.”
“Most of the time?”
“Well, yes. He eats wood, unless he’s standing on something high up, like a perch. Then he will eat meat, because he’s afraid of heights when he’s not flying. I guess it makes him feel stronger or something.”
Dally shook her head in disbelief and sighed. “Well, he is adorable anyway.” She slowly approached Chunk, who was very eager for her to pay attention to him. “Will he tolerate being flown?” she asked.
“Yes, I’ve flown him personally. A bit of a bumpy ride but nothing you can’t handle.”
“Ok good. This is just…well…I’ve got to see this guy in action for myself!”


My newly hatched dragon


I just wanna let you know, as an artist, it’s frustrating to see people like this, copying and stealing someone else’s work. But, I don’t think I consider it either of those if you use references for your work. I use references, always, it’s often quite hard for me to come up with something 100% original.
It was obvious with the printer lines that this guy printed it, but I just wanna add on that it’s not BAD to look at someone’s art and draw it yourself, as long as you give credit to that original artist. :slight_smile:


Still trying to figure out how to get my entry poem onto forum. Can you help


Copy and paste it…? Put it in a public Google document and post the link to it here? :t_rex:


Here is mÿ entry::

Playing war dragons fun, fun, fun,
Levelling up is never done.
Warring, pillaging, breeding,
Eventing, building, feeding.
Chests, chests, I need you so,
Hitting monuments, to and fro.
Open them, do so now.
Ten at a shot, you know how.
Wanting sigils big and small
The season dragons want them all.
One of the winter with his stones
Electric energy in his bones.
He came upon a winter’s moon
His magnificence made me swoon
With a snow white mane
And lightening bite insane.
One head was not enough
So he has two, to make him tough.
See him and you will die
Equestor, Sorcerer of the sky!


You could also create a pdf and upload it.


Nice, I love poems! I wish I got Equestor instead of Leos :dizzy_face: :t_rex:


So the above entry is wrong?


No, it works. I was typing that suggestion while you were posting yours lol.