April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!


Dragon Lords, what a title!
Join a kingdom, but don’t be idle.
Hatch some eggs, maybe one or two
Frigg and Draco, to name a few.
Clear the islands to the shores,
Build some guns to protect what’s yours!
Collect the treasures, here and there
Find the chests, if you dare!
War and war, fight, fight, fight,
To be the winner is the right.
To other islands we must fly,
Upping our levels or we die.
In the chests we do find
War dragon gold – sigils, held high.
These are special, I will not lie.
For when you’ve gathered just enough
And yes the road is pretty rough
You are guaranteed to buy
A season dragon to fly high.
My bestest dragon was one of these
As solid as the cedar trees.
Eyes of blue and feathered crown,
A magestic dragon to take you down.
Golden amulets she does wear,
Attacking her enemies with such flare!
Her dodo guardian, such a laugh
Bumbles along, cutting targets in half.
Earth shattering hits, what she’s known for
Leaving bits 'n pieces at your door.
Far and wide is her fame,
Kinnarus is her name!!


yeah i understand if its being used as reference material and you’re doing your own work, but many of these posts are just blatant copies lol

if they got acryllic paint out and made a masterpiece using this as reference i’d be clapping and cheering and not calling them out lol for instance but yeah i get what you mean


printscreen and post picture


Not sure which piece y’all are talking about… but I know mine is Prisma colored pencils on black art again Strathmore recycled paper 9x12


Also my visual reference was off a phone… really hard to to turn pics from a 2x6 to a hand drawn 9x12 lmao


Definitely not yours lol. Scroll up to the beginning and you’ll see a bunch of people posting graphic art off google images that I was calling out. What you drew was pretty nice!


Ofc that’s understandable. I’m just saying :slight_smile:


I have a broken hand, so right now I can’t draw, I can’t sew, well I can still type mind you but I’ll save my writings until I really have inspiration.

So my entry for the contest is about 10 years old (another anniversary) but I’d like to submit it because I would have remade it if I could for this contest :

This is a print, a real print from pressure on thick paper. I made the original slab of zinc, carved it, etched it with acid, made the textures with sand then inked it and ran it under a pressure roll (I don’t know all the specific terms…)

For the little story, it’s a sweet Mama Doeragon watching over her egg in a lava pit, with the Drabuck watching from afar (because he has to hunt for both adults, and because the Queen would not let this massive clumsy male around her fragile egg :joy:).

I hope you like it!


My Canada dragon. Spells are Tail Slap, Beer Vision and High Sticking. Ballista Resist of course.




a cousin of nessie, the seadrag. sitting at home and watching for intruders, who cuddle him.


Short story:

Wife: How was work today?

Me: Great! I learned all about dragons.

Wife: They talked about dragons in your production meetings?

Me : No, I said I learned about dragons. I don’t know what everyone else was doing.


Drew Kirin for the contest. Happy Anniversary WD!


this for sure is the best of your drawings, good job!


That is majestic AF.


Thank you, I had a lot of fun drawing him!


I appreciate it, haha!


I see, I know that is needed a big effort for fur, hairs and feathers. My entry will be ready tomorrow, need to finish a texture and add some tree trunks. Working a lot for make it.


I bet it’s going to look great, what dragon are you drawing?


it’s a suprise, and it’s not a drawing :wink: