April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!


I’m so curious now!! :joy:


I looked through a lot of your drawings. THOSE ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.


I saw little Kirin sitting there, and fell in love. Look at him, he’s too cute :sob::sob:


Hahaa, thanks! He was a pain to draw but I had to add his little rune buddy flying around :joy::blush:


Thank you!


Happy third year anniversary, War Dragons! I present to you my entry, Hauheset. :grin: Also, the little roman numeral clock behind it represents the famous spell, Time Shift!


I finally finished my entry. I wish to say a special thanks to @Aires for sending me a video of Renard rotating in his den, as I have yet to breed this beautiful dragon myself. I also wish to say a special thanks to @Luffy and @Shimear for providing feedback during the drawing process on how to improve this picture into the finished product below.

In addition to the drawing, I also created a video that shows the creative process behind this project and uploaded it to youtube for those who wish to see what exactly it took to create this drawing. The youtube link is below the finished drawing. I used the app Procreate to make this drawing of Renard, and Procreate captures every single stroke that is made on the canvas. So if it looks like nothing is happening in the video, I was probably just working on tweaking something that is hard to notice if you weren’t zoomed into the drawing.

My entry is entitled: Renard in flight
Although Renard is not my favorite dragon in terms of spell set (as a rule I’m drawn more towards hunters anyway), I do think that he is perhaps one of the more beautiful dragons in this game. That is why I chose to draw him. I look forward to the day when I will own my own Renard.

Is there anyway yall can drop the t shirts from 24.99 to 10 to 15$

I drew Phasmos the evolving Sorcerer champion for my entry to the War Dragons third year anniversary contest


maybe adding flying or wind effect?


I’m in love


he looks like a wolf/bird hybrid :joy::wink:


Renard is the french name for the Fox.


oh rly??? i didnt know that


Yep. Renard is the French common name of Vulpes vulpes, the red fox.



P.S. You didn’t need the name tag. Great job, knew exactly who it was.


I spent 19 hours on the drawing and probably at least another 5 editing the video. I don’t want to touch it again.


sounds reasonable, for my entry I spent 9 days.


And it looks amazing so far :eyes:


Yeah, that time was spread out over 11 days for me. Normally the projects I work on are spread out over a much larger period of time. Doing that picture of Renard seriously cut back on my time to grind egg tokens and work on other creative projects :laughing: (I usually spend my evenings writing in google docs with a friend. Didn’t do much writing while working on my entry.)


that why it isnt as clumsy as mine :joy: I only spend 1 hour to draw and take 1 and a half color it