April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!


Wah, is this meant for me? (I’m new to these forums. :grinning:) Thank you very much if it is, in this work there’s both failure and success all in a mess, I’m happy that the armor turned out to be one of the successes. :grin::sparkles:


Yes! You are very welcome :smile: :t_rex:


The originl Spyro is from 1998.


I drew it out ahead of time and put guides on the paper so I mostly knew where everything was going ahead of time. Then I just filled in the words.

And everything is practice. Do anything for long enough and you get good at it.




Deci Renard A&A Girasol Ormarr Nydryr Sage

Plus two of my own unique dragons designs
Lyptys (left) Whismere (right)

I spent a lot of time on this, and I know it’s not the best drawing in the world, but I hope everyone enjoys it.

Good luck to everyone! :heart:

(And did I submit it right? This is my first time participating so sorry if I did it wrong)


Try taking a pic of each drawing?




A metal dragon


A metal dragon


My entry:


My entry:


Didn’t have time to do more than the lineart. Always loved Arborius’ and Hydron’s designs though it’s a long time since I’ve flown them :slight_smile: - This is my version of them, as I didn’t just want to copy them.


My Short Story.

The Arborius Knight

Long ago, the land of homesteads was at peace. All equal. They farmed, built and bred creatures of other worlds with every cycle of life that came by. A Council of Code was formed to watch over the land, banishing any that kept not to the honor. But a dark force was brewing in the mountain range.

The Council of Code knew of this. All knew of this. They feared the very worst. To combat this, a hired worker from the Coders unleashed the Beta Galactical Force from the dungeon nests to the mountain range in hope to bring balance once again. A force with immense power able to shatter any opposing force. The Beta Galactical Force ripped through space and oceans, spewing balls of fury high into the unknown eventually forming new lands. Atlantia. A land with much promise, prosperity and mostly protection.

This would not stop the dark force.

With full presence in the material world, the dark force captured a soul of a dreadful panda to claim and use to its will. Giving The Dreadful Panda giants of mass destructions able to devour thousands of gold, Fohmar a vicious mouthed winged creature and Nolliag a beastly gnome warrior to march and destroy all the homesteads and lands of Atlantia bringing forth the Long Night.

Battles ensued, and many homesteads destroyed. Only the Drude and Arborius homesteads stood. Fighting to end the harsh cold and bring forth spring. The Arborius Queen was with child and with an aging King, hope of the homesteads slowly simmered away.

Cold nights passed. And the Drude homestead fell. Their mighty creature Samhrad tortured and torn by the despicable wizards of The Dreadful Panda.

Two Months Later

King Arborius rushed to the maternity barn, with his staunch legs and heavy chest. He reached and knelt by his Queens’ bedside. Queen Corthenia. As the forces of nature acted upon her, waves of screams shattered throughout the homestead. Hours swept and yet no born. The longest of births. A fighter the child shall be. This was the norm of such births. Cracked ice could be felt and with it fresh warmth. Beams of first light swept into the barn and Long Night. Aibrean, their winged creature, praised their new hope from above. Princess Arborius. As their eyes met, both tearful, Queen Corthenia named her:



Yes, @Falkenstern, you most definitely can! You still have time!


Dragons of all shapes and size, keep their eye on the sky,
flames of blue, pink and white, always ready for the fight.

The small and weak grow brave and strong,
training and learning to craft,
spells of strength, vigilance, and healing that he can cast,
dreaming of victory sure to outlast.

With each passing day while bonded to rider,
The dragons heart makes him a fighter.
Defending his home, protecting the land,
The dragon now will take his stand!



I do not have an artistic bone in my body, but it is a little something just say Happy Anniversary :blush:


Hi everyone!

These entries are amazing so far! Really, you’ve yet again outdone yourselves for how creative you can be and how talented you are all! I’ve loved seeing all this entries come in over the past few weeks. :heart:

As a reminder, today is the last day of the contest! We’ll be closing the thread at the end of the day (around 6pm PT), so please get your entries in before then if you want to participate!


Great drawing Bacon, lets hope you win


Happy Anniversary everyone :slight_smile:


My picture for the contest. It took a long time to draw.
(And because I think that many adults participate, I wanted to say that I’m only 14)