April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!


I love the colors! They’re super vibrant, and Etzel’s wings look great :t_rex:


Kirin looks cute


Hi yall I don’t draw or anything but this drake has been with me for many many moons.


Yup :slight_smile: I remember playing Spyro as a kid. I spent almost all of my time chasing sheep and turning them into butterflies XD I thought this was a cute idea. And I really like flying Sage.


This is so cool.


As a tribute to War Dragons and all the fun I’ve had with my team, I decided to draw two of my all time favorite divines: Aibrean and Sage!


The detail, especially in Aibrean’s face, is absolutely impeccable. Awesome job :t_rex:


Thank you so much! I’ve worked really hard on it! Was originally gonna do it in photoshop but I don’t think i would’ve been able to finish it by the deadline


Wow, is amazing watercolor, I haven’t do watercolor for a looooooong time😅


And plus, I love how Aibrean looks down at Sage, it looks so scary and fierce :grin:


Fortunately, Ihave posted mine so soon. If I see these, I would be too shame to post mine :laughing:


That was actually awesome. Respect :+1:.


There are so many amazing entries! How can you possibly pick a winner in all of this?


This picture could be a new flag or a coat-of-arms for a guild…
Its based on a tattoo i designed and have on me.


It’d be interesting to see your tattoo as well :smiley:



Hey Everyone! This contest is now closed. The team most definitely is going to have a super hard time picking winners from all of these great entries!

Check back here for winners next Friday (5/4)! :grinning:


Hey all!

The team really loved all of the entries that everyone took the time to create! As stated on the YouTube Gaming stream yesterday, all of the votes were super divided within the War Dragons Team. Finally, we had some tiebreakers happen though and now have some winners!

The winners are:

1st place: @PantheraOnca
2nd place: @K0nditer
3rd place: @LizDrakemoor

Congratulations to our 3 winners! Please PM me (or I will PM you this weekend), so we can sort out some stuff for your prize!

Everyone else should also keep an eye on their game this weekend! We really loved all of the entries this time!! Also, please keep an eye on our social channels in the coming weeks for your creations to be featured. :smiley: