April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!




Here is artwork from me maybe even a future war dragon


My Dracos and My Sage sculpted :slight_smile:


Moonfang and Spyndra are my favorite dragons. I love this game!.


Oksana’s very, very badass and is my favourite dragon rider hehe- she’s my favourite thing about War Dragons right now! I sort of messed up the eye and her hands and her bow…and didn’t even bother trying to draw the armour on her left arm…but I tried HAHA

Materials: the back of an old worksheet, the mechanical pencils and black pen that were on my desk as well as many, many liberties with Oksana’s design -_-


L=WP2 (squared)
Life=WorkXPlay2 (squared)

The quality of your life is a function of the quality and intensity of your ability to “Play”. Whoever doubts this just needs to observe healthy young children. The more fulfilled they are, the more they are ready to ‘play’ at a moments notice. Play is experienced in different contexts. War Dragons, one of my personal favorite “Play” activities for quite a while, fits into ALL of these contexts! One of many ways to examine, integrate and understand these contexts are through the Archetypes found in depth-astrology, represented by “The Planets” (in the ancient Greek sense of “Planet” – Wanderers, which means the Sun and Moon are included as well).
I’ll go through a few of them one at a time and demonstrate briefly how this game fits neatly into each context and each archetype. This is what makes the game so appealing.

The first Archetype is represented by MARS. Mars is found in the title. As the God of War, this is most obvious of the archetypal connections. Mars represents the ability and desire to WIN, to Conquer, to get Ahead, to be first, to dominate. He represents the basic need of Survival. Mars is one very happy puppy in War Dragons.

The second Archetype is represented by VENUS. Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty finds her expression in numerous ways. First off, War Dragons impresses by it’s stunning visual beauty. Not only that, but this beauty changes with the season and with each gorgeous new dragon. Venus also represents the soft skills in social interaction. This aspect of War Dragons is often my own personal favorite. There’s something about teamwork and the chatroom which satisfies something deep within our soul. That something has to do with rapport and ‘good vibes’ with people who share a common interest. Venus has her needs deeply fulfilled in playing War Dragons.

The third Archetype is represented by MERCURY. Mercury is the messenger of the Gods. Mercury is the “Psychopomp”. With wings on his head and on his feet, he transmits vital information to all realms. Mercury represents “Communication” in its most basic and most complex levels. Those who have spent time in advanced teams know how essential it is to have an organized War strategy and to be able to efficiently communicate this strategy. At higher levels, this is what gives War Dragons it’s real juice. This is what makes War Dragons so satisfying on so many levels. The ability to effectively communicate in teams is a study in life as well. This is not always easy, as anyone can tell you. But mastering this ability is mastering modern life itself. Having real FUN at this level of mastery is truly Joie de Vivre! Mercury as an Archetype glows with satisfaction in War Dragons.

The fourth Archetype is “The Moon”. This fourth Archetype stands for “Home”, for belonging and for your place within the “Tribe”, on a most basic level. I’ve been on my team for more than a year. The game for me IS “The Team”! The sense of belonging, the sense of being with people who understand and accept you has a strong emotional component. It’s one of the strongest draws of War Dragons. Sharing resources, protecting and defending others’ bases and flying with your team members is a deeply satisfying experience. It elevates War Dragons above the level of a mere War Game. It is a study in Character on an important level. Loyalty, consistency, honesty and emotional depth are all expressions of both War Dragons and of this Archetype.

The fifth Archetype is “The SUN”. The Sun represents Creativity and Self-Expression. In human development this is the first plateau in our journey towards autonomy and maturity. As the Sun is the center of the galaxy, around which all other ‘planets’ revolve, so is our sense of ‘self’ the basis for understanding our identity. As I don’t need to tell you, there are a great many symbols in War Dragons that revolve around burning, around shining and around gold, all solar in nature. My own first impression of War Dragons was how repetitive it is. Yet on higher levels, that repetition is a study in creativity. Whoever has soloed a base on the 100th try recognizes the profound creativity involved in when and how your dragon hits which defenses. Whoever has ‘tweaked’ his/her own base until it has become unconquerable recognizes how much creative effort is necessary in this process. The Sun as symbol of creativity shines more brightly when playing War Dragons.

These are just a few of the symbols and archetypes which are deeply satisfied by this great game. There are more and I invite you, dear reader, to consider why you personally love this game. We, as human beings NEED to play. There is much research recently as to just how important this is. Loss of the ability to play is the loss of health itself. Understanding how important this is, whether you ‘play’ the piano, football, chess, golf, tennis, whether you engage in power ‘play’, sexual ‘play’, child ‘play’, one thing is for certain: the quality of your ‘play’ IS the quality of your life. War Dragons, beginning its fourth successful year, is a breathtakingly beautiful contribution to this important human need.



Wenn ich mal keine Zeit habe, springt mein Kater für mich ein. Am liebsten hätte er nen eigenen Account.

Nur schnell stärken und gleich wieder losfliegen…

Wir gratulieren euch zu einem gelungenen Spiel!


All these entries are amazing! Love them!


My favourite dragon are Sage and Tarand Happy Anniversary
War Dragon games


Lots of talented artists here. :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:


This is amazing! I always found the similar designs intersting and liked to think that sage was the post winter hibernation tarand, awake and ready to start the spring morning. Sage is thinner than tarand, like he had lost some body fat and muscle tissue in hibernation, and the different antlers could be similar to the process that deer go through. Even the vines and grassy/mossy bits on sage could be from him sleeping, the fauna slowly growing around and onto him.


Love the detail! Awesome job :t_rex:


Drew the Shrine dragon, Ryuu, because he is hands down the coolest dragon to me. Happy anniversary :slight_smile:


It looks amazing and it was worth the work, too notch work


Amazing ink drawing, good luck :+1:


Aibrean in the wild, before it’s armored.


figo! sto preparando anche io qualcosa di grosso!


Grazie buona fortuna ;)) allora ci siamo noi italiani :wink:


2 hours maybe 3 at work ;)))


per il mio ci vuole un po di più…