April Forum Contest: Happy Anniversary WD!


Will there be another contest, if there is then When? What is the theme? And tell us all about it


This is gorgeous thank you for sharing


Yo this is Harvard you wanna get a free art scholarship?


This contest’s not even over yet…have some patience.


These entries are so amazing! I love em!




I’m confuse, you are asking me to go teach for you guys right? ill think about it depending how much you paying.


Thank you Nyx! It definitely took a while to make lol. I’m loving your drawing of Corthanak and there’s no doubt that it’s cute and fierce at the same time. If I remember correctly, you have that set as your YouTube profile pic, right?


Yes, that’s correct




This is the best game ever


Love War dragons


Thanks Dragonrrhoid. Your dragon is pretty amazing. You have to sign it and send me a copy please!!! Send u a bear hug :slight_smile:


It’s one entry per person… you might want to decide which one you’re actually wanting to be judged as your official entry. Edit: All of these look amazing by the way. I especially like the middle two. Probably the blue one the most (simply because blue is pretty much my favorite color).


did you just post someone else’s art or are you the artist “ruth thompson” playing war dragons

i swear lol people these days just draw ur own thing like what everyone else has been doing the legit entrants look amazing so far




I’m still working on my entry :blush: been working on it for 2 hours 20 minutes so far… at least this version of it. I had a few other attempts that I abandoned. I decided that Hauheset is a pain in the butt to draw so I’m doing someone else lol.


i cant wait to see it im sure it’ll be lovely

if you had spare time i would have loved to see hau she’s one of my favorite dragons


Sadly I deleted those files :sweat_smile: I reeeeallly wasn’t liking how they were turning out.


So we can make contest entries here? Here’s mine (1 of 7 parts)


It’s kind of out of order but page numbers at bottom of each image: 1-7.