April in WD how was it for you

I don’t know about anyone else but for me this April saw the biggest changes to war dragons I’ve seen while I’ve been playing (nearly a year)

How did everyone else find it? I think we had the following things in April:

KOTH retirement (party)
Second half of spring veil released
Rider gear changes confirmed
Atlas rollout
Team quests v1
Level up rewards test
Team quests v2
Kingdom wars event
Atlas new land release
Atlas lottery
Atlas season start
Level 61-63 towers released
Remaining Harbinger dragons released

Personally I was quite excited at the start of April with getting Atlas. There were a few highlights I liked the new event in general although thought the lack of mobility and general map setup made initial placement too valuable.

Team quests I was excited about but already burnt out on in the first week. V2 much better but I struggled to regain my initial enthusiasm for the concept. Being made to run 45 times with a drag of a certain element/class is very tedious.

When I think of it as a whole lots of the things have been positive but some have really left a bad taste in the mouth. The gear nerf stung. The initial team quests shouldn’t have bothered me it was essentially free stuff if you wanted it but demotivated me. Atlas is great but seems to have killed my game in terms of lag etc. Hunter ammo rune did make my month as did the two final season drags.

How was it for everyone else?

One of the biggest clusterfucks I have seen in a while…don’t worry May feels like it can outdo it.


My apologies, but this is my only comment on this topic. As you had enumerized items that had happened this April and if Im not mistaken They are all have their on own each topics. I would suggest to comment on each of those topics rather create a new topic bunch in one.

Just my opinion.

Honestly? Little bit demoralised from April activities and trying not to let it affect my team lol. The forum feels super negative at the moment so I’m hoping that something changes this month to get a more positive outlook again.

Just a few more weeks to summer season so will be interesting to see what PG are planning for that!


Positivity comes when enjoying something.

Unfortunately, until most of the things listed above gets the well deserved attention I don’t see how the players will just suddenly be positive.

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My bank statement looks a lot better :joy::joy:

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That’s why I said I hope something changes this month, think everyone could do with some good news :wink:

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