Aquileas and Austeros

Which one is Aquileas? White one or black one?

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Nobody really knows🤔

If I were to guess I would say Aquileas is the black dragon.

I was thinking aquileus is the white one lol


Maybe you’re right, the Greek Austeros (if this is where they got the name) means harsh, rough, rigid. Not really PC to make the black dragon stick to the old stereotypes of black being evil, etc… and white good, etc… but anythings possible.


Now, that I have the twins - and I love them - Kayla is bonded to them for faster progress. And Kayla is on the white one, which I assume is the first one.

Aquileas & Austeros… first one is Aquileas… rider on the white
Conclusion: Aquileas is the white one.

I wonder if @PGKharnyx could confirm.

Aquileas is the yang (light) & Austeros is the yin (dark). :grinning:


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