Aquileas or Icicle?

Just about to start breeding Sapphire dragons but am torn on what path I should follow. So would like some advice from higher lvl players whether I should follow Aquileas or Icicle path.

I’ve seen footage on YouTube for both dragons, and am impressed by both of them.
So if possible I would like to hear the pro’s and con’s of both of these dragons before I choose a path to follow.
Thank you in advance for your help and advice.

Man, follow a breeding guide. Im following Icicle 4 by @RedDelilah.
I think Icicle is better.

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Just looking at cost I would recommend Icicle 3. It’s the cheapest pathway available.

Edit: icicle 3 by Red
Second edit: this is an old pathway, don’t use.


Icicle 3 by who ?

Red. I haven’t seen her icicle 4 pathway before tho.

i still think Icicle 4 is the best. Also, it give u extra eggs for Builder Hut and Hall of Research

No such thing as icicle 3 path anymore.

Always reference the most up to date breeding paths available by Red:

Pretty sure @TheRedDelilah retired Icicle 3, only 1 and 4 are listed as current. Icicle 4 is cheaper, but as far as I know Red recommends Icicle 1 because you get useful dragons much earlier.

You can find the up-to-date paths here:

Thanks y’all. I was still using
I guess that sight is out of date. I will update my team with the new info.

@mechengg hey man, what do u think is the best Path, Icicle 1 OR Icicle 4 ?? im following Icicle 4 but i will breed Jul first and then Renard

Icicle him/herself is not that impressive IMO. I did it to get to Emerald and to get my builder’s hut eggs. It looks to me that AA is a better dragon but I don’t have. Just know Icicle is “meh” at best.


Ooh that looks old :smile:

Might be a good idea for @TheRedDelilah to replace those pages with a link to the new wdgeeks pages, to make sure people don’t end up with outdated info via google or something.

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I recommend Icicle > AA
While AA is by far the better dragon, neither will be a be-all and end-all super amazing dragon. Icicle path gives you garnet eggs for your hut, that is the main point of this breeding path, plus earliest access to Ferga.

1 vs 4, depends really. If you have already started into sapphire, go with what makes sense. Make sure you hit the apophet breed at some point to get your builder hut eggs, if you think you are a really good flyer then hau can help you out a lot. If i was to personally do it again, I am undecided which way i would go. While hauheset is a great dragon i don’t find myself using him very often or only in certain instances so I may prefer to have the tokens, but at the time he was exceptional and I used him to set up a lot of bases for my weak-ish divines to follow.


i alreaady have Apophet. I need Quetz and Iteru so i can breed Jul.
Basically, im switching steps 5/6 with steps 7/8 because think jul is superiror to Renard

They are both garbage, all Garnets sucks. Frost is the best of them and even frost is not a great dragon. Use Hau until you get Emeralds.

So get Hau asap (you will need as much time as possible to get good with it) then just follow the cheapest possible path to Noc making sure you grab Ferga along the way.


Thanks for the pep talk Mike … no reason to be excited about garnet then. :sob:

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Sadly no… most people relied on Hau and Phasmos throughout that whole Tier.

Just go through the icicle. A&А is displayed along with the obsidian (Lumina) is much cheaper.

Well, beyond getting to level your divines.

It’s not all THAT bad

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for me Jul is underestimated. I will make it excel, pack of newbies XD XD