Arcanum & Discounts

I know you will do your typical announcement fo the new Tier this week, so I’m not so much worried about that.

Its discounts that I’d like to ask about.

I’m assuming that with the new tier release, other tiers will get discount per the past. Do you know by how much yet?

Also, I’d encourage you to discount Green & Gold … I still think there’s a bottle neck there for new players coming up and to see their tokens (and even XP to level) discounted would improve the lives of new players trying to catch up.

Grant it, I know you don’t want to take away from those who worked hard to get to End Tier by making it lightening fast to catch up, BUT I think with the attrition rate WD is seeing, speeding up players to get to at least the 400s would ease the stress of recruiting new players in the upper tiers.

So many upper level, long time players are retiring that there is now many teams in S1/2/3 that have great difficulty finding replacement players. They have to feed like vultures on disbanding teams.

This would also encourage players to recommend the game to friends as the faster new players can catch up, the sooner those friends can actually play together on the same team. As it is, it would take 2-3+ years for a friend to start an account and even be at a level that could survive.

Along with that would be tower level discounts. I don’t believe there have been any discounts for towers in quite sometime. This too is a bottle neck that new players have to catching up to at least a level that is semi-relevant in the game (Abyssal+).

Upper level teams desperately need more players coming into the game (which would benefit PG and teams) and these discounts could REALLY be helpful.

Sorry for the digression of the topic … it just came out.


I agree. And as end game, i couldn’t care less if they discounted lower tiers, in fact i encourage it. What i spent is done and dusted. If newer players get them a low cheaper thats a good thing as helps to bring in newer players that do not feel like they have to spend 4 years to try and be relevant.


Gold legendaries actually did get get a significant reduction, not through regular discounting but by a significant fragment reduction. Green tier hasn’t, but breeding cost for those isn’t so bad.

The main issue with green and gold is how incredibly long it takes to level them, made worse by the lack of discounting too.

Actually there have been, every time a new tier has come out both towers and dragons have been getting new discounts.

Very true, and I agree that that’s way too long really.


Another positive argument for increased discounts which might be interesting for PG is the fact that the ever increasing path to end game dragons encourages end game accounts being bought out, which isn’t a good thing for PG finances in the end :man_shrugging:


I started a new account several weeks ago, I am fine with the breeding discounts, green and gold were no problem. Research is another issue, but no big deal.
Even leveling the dragons is no longer that difficult, between MsMersy as an XP Base (works well if you are below 100), the big supply of xp potions and 200% xp boost I got whale and cons expert before hatching plat. And I do not even have elite active.

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This game is more pay to win now, you cant grind tokens for new dragons unless you spend or take the game as a day time job, less fun more chores


they made discounts to breed drags per tier, hope they also discount evolve stones on dragon lines for those tiers. really would make lots of sense to do it.

This game is more pay to win now, you cant grind tokens for new dragons unless you spend or take the game as a day time job, less fun more chores

Right now I’m right at the green-gold-plat range for my breeding and as f2p I can say it’s not that bad if you save your rss properly. Only spend breeding tokens during breed event and usually I can complete a tier in 2-3 events, mystic frags here and there from chests and seasons help along too
Somewhere around level 84 when you get the dragon den upgrade it ridiculously increases AP of all dragons and level cap so I can say there’s just a really nice jump there

At higher tier like verdant a legendary cost 280k-300k /1 dragon and mythic cost 560k for 1


600k for currently the highest tier dragon doesn’t sound too bad from my little newbie corner, not sure how many frags that is though

You can check neon website

it hurts … trust me … it takes two or three breeds to do one dragon. so it might takes 7-8 breeds for a whole tier.

I can semi-agree with this. its not TERRIBLE, its just an idea to smooth out that grind a little and speed up the game play.

I run a info site as well, I usually track those changes. Maybe I got sloppy :joy:

THIS and

THIS are soooooooo true.

As an end tier player Im all for more discounts… especially harb and vanguard please since I still need those for research eggs. Just make them 99% off please :grin:

But yeah, gold got a huge discount with the frag reduction. I was stuck on that research for a year before they finally decreased it


End tier flier (finally) and I ground my way here.

I’m also for more discounts in lower tiers; as already stated it helps new players catch up and also helps us with research.

All good things.


This is an absolute INSANE amount of time for any mobile game

If anyone thinks this is acceptable they are smoking crack


Shame we cant have like a training league for new players that helps them speed grow quickly before they get introduced into the actual game and has actual tutorials like flying hunters, breeding guides, explaining events and seasons, base building, ect.


:thinking: that’s an interesting thought on how to solve it. I like it!

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I honestly have no problem with making previous tier dirt cheap. It’s my opinion you should be able to get to end game (last tier) within about a year of playing, without spending.


Disclaimer: Being end tier sucks. Shoot for N-2 or something people so your dragons last for more than 15 minutes :sob: :sob: :sob:


IDEWTK how bad the Acronym dragons will be. ITTET 1600 frags? JS. WDYT

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