Arcanum Towers Delayed Discount Application

Dragon Lords, The Arcanum discount to tower levels 51-115 will be going live shortly. We will be looking into compensating players that have already spent speedup boosts and resources on these levels before the implementation of the discount. For now, please hold off on upgrading your towers to these levels.

We apologize for the inconvenience!


Greetings all,

If you took part in the event (upgraded towers in the level range 51-115), we are going to refund the excess you spent beyond what you would have spent if you had done the upgrade after the discount went into effect. This will be happening tomorrow.

Once this is all done there should be no difference between whether you did the upgrade before or after the Discount went live.

For example: if the Discount cost of a thing was 900 Elemental Embers, and you spent 1000 Embers before the Discount was applied, you will receive 100 Embers as a refund. (This applies to all resource types spent).

No action is required on your part, the refund will happen automatically.