Archer vs Cannon

I have the same level cannon and archer. Have an ice flak already. Which one to keep leveling up. Since the damage level of both archer and cannon is the same, do i keep the cannon for the shield disabling effect??

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I believe you won’t need to worry about them once you can build 2-3 flaks (for a looooong time)
That said, Archer is slightly faster (reaction) and has higher rate of fire.


This is for my back island in mid long. I have 2 flaks already. In that case…?

If you have an ice flak already and can afford to maintain it, cannon is essentially obsolete IMO.

I have no doubt that more dragons which have elemental resist or elemental barrier or some variant will exist to make an archer not completely worthless. It however doesn’t merit a front 5 spot on a kill island.


I prefer Canon because you can research an ability that gives you 3 super shots back after breaking a shield with canon only. And once you get to the point of being able to level 10 buildings to max and can only support 3-4 flaks Canon is great either on a clean up island or up on a rage drain island with storm support to break shield, zap rage, and do enough damage to force them to kill while refilling your super ammo.

All comes down to what your final layout will look like.


I have neither at my lvl of only 280. But I had a cannon for a while because of the ability to break shields

Also no more (season) dragons carry resists to cannon or archer towers so might not be too bad to have one in the back in case you need to break a shield. Caught me off guard a couple of times when I flew Axi

The cannon I like for the +3 super shot research but it’s almost impossible to justify putting it somewhere where it’ll actually get its ss off before it gets destroyed. I wish cannons and archers at least had the same range as an ice flak, these are back of the island towers if they even make it there.

I need something other than a flak for the back of my long kill and cant decide. I feel like either of them would probably just be filler and lightning would take forever to level up 3 of them. We need a new NON FLAK tower that actually does something and doesnt need some special resource to level. Flaks are boring at this point

Cannon SS (in which it’s useful) is longer than even IF’s normal range :eyes:

I have never seen a cannon ss fire from 4 spots back

It’s only slightly longer (though doesn’t really visible due to slower speed).
It starts SS at 90 range (IF shots at 83, SS at 70)

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