Archmage or mage

Should I use archmage or just stick to the simple mages

Got any info about your level and current mages?

Archmages are definately superior but it’s not an easy question to answer.

Arch mages might not be a good option if :

  1. You don’t obtain enough electrum bars to upgrade existing assets as it is.

  2. Your kill islands are not yet maxed. So building arch mage towers sacrifices your max tower level for a number of months.

  3. You have a mage tower defensive rider combined with top of the line mage runes and glyphs.

If you have already maxed your kill islands, have plenty of bars and have Crom or similar defensive rider with plenty of timers then I would lock it in!

Adding some extra flak like dps to your starting 5 towers is worthwhile! ( Assuming 1-2 mage towers are going to be subbed out for arch mage towers)


What is all different between the towers. I noticed that the archmage tower doesn’t get the research bonus that makes it drain two rage at a time. At least it didn’t do it from the towers I’ve gone against so far.

Archmages are awesome to use, and you can kill probably lot of enemies.

The only problem is, u have no chance to defend against big lvl cheaters with unlimited ammo on helmimm

It does, you might have flown against people missing some research nodes.

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Not sure with a straight face could ever recommend an archmage over a mage tower.

  1. HP differential isn’t that much, at lvl 125 per neon-wonderland:
    Mage - 296m; archmage - 311m - that’s only a 4.8% difference. Not game changing in any sense.

Since the archmage doesn’t use mage runes/glyphs/rider buffs - mage towers, in my case, have more hp as of now. I’m using two mythic mage glyphs within +5% red/blue mage hp; and a legendary mage rune with +3% red/blue mage hp. That’s a total of +13 red/blue mage hp.
Plus, if you already have mage runs/glyphs equipped - will need to use rubies to un-equip them.

  1. Increase in damage is associated with the super shot - which is useless. If you get a ss off on a dragon, whether a mage or archmage, the dragon is in real trouble anyway. Seriously, why did they associate the damage increase to the super shot.
    But per neon- wonderland, the damage at lvl 125 for mage and archmage towers:
    Mage - 50m; Archmage - 98.8m

A 100m damage super shot isn’t that much compared to arcanum level dragons overall hp. Once again, functionally useless. My lvl 125 Kinn has 2.82b hp - the 98.8m damage of the lvl 125 archmage isn’t much of a factor.

  1. Lastly, which was eluded to by DangerZone. Three other towers use Electrum bars - Orrery, Howitzer, Drakul Pylon. All of which in my opinion are better upgrades than the archmage.
    Per neon-wonderland at lvl 125 these towers used 9150 Electrum bars - with a 150 increase per level of their use.
    Therefore: lvl 127 should cost 9300; lvl 129 9450.

One will run out of elemental embers real quick when leveling 4 of the towers to lvl 127 and 129 - not to mention from lvl 1- lvl 125. Better to save the Electrum bars for towers that are significantly better than their counterparts.

Please, go ahead and get an archmage over an orrery or Howitzer - just makes it easier to jack your base.

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That’s still less hp than an arch mage, because it’s 13% of base hp being added to the 200% or more already on the tower, while the 5% extra base hp applies to everything else.

Difference is absolutely small, but the archmage still is a bit better, freeing up 3 of your 5 rune slots is hardly insignificant.

Please explain to ev everyone why the tower is a must have? All I see you do is criticize but never explain the awesomeness of the tower.

Why is it better than. Getting a Howitzer or orrery?
Why is the increase in damage associated with the ss such a great thing?

Please, inform us instead of just criticizing.

Well off to work - I actually have a paying job and can’t sit on the forums all day. But will check for your educated and well reasoned defense of this tower.

It’s not, and I challenge you to quote anything I’ve said that suggests that.

Good for you kiddo.

And are you sure about your numbers - here are a few screenshots. Sorry, didn’t want to waste rss on getting an archmage past lvl 8.

Last time I checked 65.9 was greater than 65.1. Also have a rider with an additional 117% hp.

Yes with a weak rider and a lot of missing research it’s possible for a regular mage to have more hp, if you sacrifice three rune slots. Good for you.

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