Archmage towers vs normal Mage towers

I only have one but in the scheme of things, outside of points in Fort, is it worth creating ArchMage towers?


Not really, unless you have a lot of spare Electrum or want the tiny buff an archmage gives (ss atk, hp)


Points in fort is actually something they are really bad for, because of the low electrum cost vs normal timer cost.

I think they’re ok, bit depending on your rune and rider choices, and of course they come in handy if you need a 6th mage. Definitely not game changers though.


If you had unlimited resources then yes I would prioritize archmage over mage.

Fact is you probably don’t so then I would only build them if you have enough excess resources after sustaining your current Oreo / Howie / Pylon towers.

Archmages likely become more of a must have tower when they bring out runes. ( Gal said they would )

The difference in my view is quite low if your current mages already have runes and or mage riders.

While the damage is good its only on a supershot.

They aren’t at the moment a game changer like the Howie or Oreo. Also annoying that in fort you get shafted wtih points since they use around half the bars other towers use.

My thoughts as well, please close this thread @moderators

Personally, I wont be doing any until we can transform already existing mages into archmages. They’re not really worth the extra cost and there are better uses for electrums

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I wish I hadn’t built one. Would much rather have my resources back and a regular mage

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Thank you!