Archon vs Meglok

Anybody got both Archon and Meglok yet and/or have an opinion on which is the better warrior?

I have Archon in the incubator and I plan to get Meglok this season. I am wondering which one of the two should get my good warrior runes and best warrior rider with earth gear.

My bet is MegLok better than archon since he has AOE spells and way to stop mages instantly.
Archon will die if hit by ice flak and mage ss to follow.

waiting for the meglok owner

Bump bump.

Anybody got Meglok yet? Anybody know how the dps on Meglok compares to Archon?

The base stats for the same den levels should be the same should they not?

It’s just the spell buffs that should play into it.

I dont have either of them yet but definitely meg is better

Meg will be better for the endgame users as meg evolves to next tier.


What’s the tier above Empryean that you think Meglok evolves to? Won’t Archon and Meglok both top out as Empyrean mythics?

Abyssal tier or something like that which is above empyrian. It showed briefly on the egg status of the dragon page before PG took it down.

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