Are 20% War Boosts too much?

With my vacation over I was shocked to see War Buffs were increased to 20% this week. I missed the change memo.

Sorry but am I the only one thinking that is too much?

I was fine with 10% but trying to make someone’ base have more worth after their crappy building and/or not investing in/upgrading Defensive Armor should not fall on me as the attacker.

Not only were these bases 20% stronger but I was 20% weaker. I fly Pathox and Ronin and you guessed it both wind and dark resistance buffs this week. The bonus flames already do the job as a good equalizer. And you made already high level bases hanging out in low leagues that much more impossible. I’m already waking up at 3am to try to sneak an attack in. This same is hurting my looks. Im aging and need my damn beauty sleep.

But I’m trying to train my damn players on knowing there Max Tower Level they can defeat on good designed bases with/without defenders then adjust for a 10% buff meaning the tower max you normally can take may be lower. Adjust further if you are using a resistance increased element dragon. Adjust further if total base power is much higher for tower levels which is the likely the result of good defensive gear.

How the runny dragon turds am I going to coach them on attacking a base in 20% increase in defense power when we haven’t even got 10% down. To avoid attempts glitch they are viewing bases outside war menu. So they are seeing a much lower total Base Defensive power.

I almost threw in the hat after 2 years yesterday. This war change was too much where I was actually happy with the initial change. Add my constant glitch, game rotating to portrait view forcing me out, that almost makes the game unusable for me (Pixel 3XL and high speed internet. It’s not me it’s you). I don’t have an 80K base but if probably poop myself if I looked how much I’ve spent on Google play in 2 years 2 months. I did drop $200 in a day to get Pathox…

Doesn’t help that I’m the strongest flyer on my team and you have Empyrean bases hanging out in low Platinum leagues. Last 18 months being the top on a team with no big dragons has made me a really good flyer. But I can’t work fucking miracles when I’m double crippled and lvl 75+ tower bases are just chilling in platinum 3. Seeing those players pop up on these team is like seeing a dic pic you never asked for. It was a hard team I suspect from the makeup they were from a much high league.

But come on. Go back to 10% Buffs

Are 20% War Boosts too much?

I think the 20% boosts are okay. They work both ways, your bases get boosted just as much, so what they mainly do is lower the total number of flames both teams can get, reducing the chance of ties. The bonus would be too high if teams can barely get flames, and too low if 350-350 scores are still happening.

Of course it can be frustrating to have this penalty when you’re already trying to hit miles up, but then it’s not unreasonable that you would lose a war to a significantly stronger team anyway.

And it’s not like you can’t win wars against team with higher levels. We had a war (in S3) yesterday, couple of bases none of us could reasonably take. But by planning well and skipping a few top bases we ensured a lot of our players could still get 6 or 7 flames. The enemy had a lot of weak flyers who (especially with the boost) couldn’t get anything done, and just got 5 flames from their empyrean backers. Stopping their mid levels won us the war as much as taking out some of their high levels. Ended up with a 335-303 result.


Eh, is it?
Not 10% base and 10% element?

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How can’t we see the buff? :sob:
UI team, please…

No I understand that this last team was too much as they looked like a former higher league team.

But I’ve been training my team since January to fly strategically. That it shouldn’t be up to the backer to take an entire war base. Since the changes it’s been a slow learning curve to have to pick appropriate targets but

  1. they have to preview base OUTSIDE of war menus to avoid attempt glitch and won’t see actually base Defensive power with war buffs applied.
  2. trying to teach them how to constructly look at bases to know if they can safely beat it with defenders and without defenders. I’ve been harping that viewing just total base Defensive power is not an accurate determination if it’s in your reach
  3. You change it to 20% versus 10% it’s base boost the lvl 52 towers they were formerly confident in taking is now more like lvl 42.
  4. They have all their attacks in game, atlas, PvP etc attacking particular base powers with certain tower max and you are expecting the confidently understand they now have to hit much much lower for that ONE attack.
  5. 10% the player have to fly a little smart when trying to take on there usual base target for 99% of the game flying. Now I need to try to make an entire team understand the importance of bonus flames and their team needing them to defeat the base while at the same time they need to understand they are going to have to hit much much lower. Especially if they are only confident in flying one dragon and that dragon’s element is buffed that week

It’s just a training nightmare in teammates selecting targets. Like a said 10% buffs they need to fly smarter. 20% buffs they are just going to have to hit much lower. So why have bonus flames at all? They were suppose to be the create equalizer. Better flying teams could win because they didn’t rely on a backer but you will still have shitty flyers on a more stacked team that no way David will beat that Goliath.

Since the war change we have won against teams with larger bases and higher backups because we been making out players learn to fly and take a base.

Fix the balance, boosts are a hack that makes the problem worse, not better.


Personally, since it’s applied equally to all, I don’t see a problem. The other team is affected just as much. It’s been a huge morale boost for my lower levels to be shooting down higher level dragons! It does take some folks by surprise but with 7 attempts and good planning, it hasn’t been an issue. And yes, we have warred this week with the 20%. There will be the occasional team that just overpowers you, for sure, but we have really defensible bases, even my lower players, and even the wars we lost, they’ve been happy with the dragons they were able to shoot down and that we had fewer attempts than the teams that won. If you’re being steamrolled, I would strongly suggest looking at your bases or chalk it up to a team that is trying to go up a league or sandbagging.


I like the buffs was fun to see top players fail on lvl 80s bases well build and geared well with multiple defenders ,that way they never score 7 flames . not saying tho I like the 7 flames system , I took a base with 21 B def with my vanguard namaka only to 46% and backer cleared but sucked to get 6 flames . meh I have mixed thoughts tbh , I liked more the old system , waring seemed more fair cause big bases use to be taken down by skills ( credits to hau , noc , necryx and itzani - long live to them)

? never seen that happen in our wars, always previewing in the war.

Very good advice, for everything really not just wars.

A bit (a lot) of an exaggeration. It depends on how the boost is calculated. If it’s multiplicative, a level 50 tower with 20% boost is almost exactly equal to a level 52 tower. But it if’s additive like the base boost is, a level 51 tower with boost barely matches a normal 52 on a half-decently geared base.

That would be very silly of them. Level 85 towers with bad gear and no boost are often easier than level 72 towers on a maxed out base.

Tower level is a factor, but certainly not the only one.

It’s kinda weird how 10% makes a small difference, but another 10% is a huge difference for you. I think you’ve been a bit mislead by this stronger-than-usual-for-you enemy team likely also having stronger-than-usual gear, rather than the extra 10% making such a difference.


Also, I have changed my expectations … we shouldn’t get 350 flames per war, and not everyone will get or should get 7 flames. The key is knowing what to sacrifice and where. Doesn’t matter if the other team has 5 abyssal players, if their lower players can’t get 7 flames on your mid to low range bases. We have won with under 300 flames and have won with over 320 flames. Setting up a base and flying strategy still works (we’ve had some amazing runs by lower players on high bases with sylven, fom, dreth etc) but the purpose is to get past the kill island to the farms now, and leave the kill for a high level follow, not to set up perfectly disabled towers for a lower level follow.

Sorry, I freaking love the new wars, so much more fun! On our 12th :sob::sob:, people keep declaring lol.


Yes I understand equally effected. That’s not the point I’m making.

The bonus flames system was to prevent sandbagging by holding the lead attacker accountable and no longer relying on a stronger backup. How can a leader accurate choose a base to attack when 99% of the time in gane they are confident taking a particular base, towers lvls, DP but for this ONE attack they have to guage what base they can take now in Wars. In theory at 10% boost they may still take their standard base they always take. But I tell them they need to know max base defended/Undefended for wars but how can they accurately gauge that with a 20% base harder factor when they can’t preview the base with applied buffs and they don’t have experience flying and lvl 52 towers now us as strong as a lvl 56 towers. Then add the 20% resistance if it applies to you

The Gap is too great now between the bases you normally attack 99% of the time and can defeat then bases you attack in war and can defeat.

With the 10% buffs and 10% resistance you may be at a 20% disadvantage and need to fly a little better but with 20% buffs and 20% resistance you are obviously at a much great disadvantage. And you may be very be very confident that your dragon spells can Destroy a lvl 56 tower in one shot all day but now you have no clue what your dragon and it’s spells can safely destroy.

I get that you don’t want your players demoralized by seeing what bases they can actually hit with the 20%, unfortunately I do think it’s a necessary evil to move past the ties and continue the way forward with the new war system.

It sounds like you are doing a solid job of helping your players along, that it the number one thing that great leadership can do. Keep it up, there is not enough quality leadership around.


I’m trying to teach them look at base design, kill tower max THEN total base power which will help you determine if they have good Defensive gear.

It’s a lot to expect from your teammate that doesn’t review bases like I do frequently or have had strategize for the last 18 months how to take out some sandbag.

They have not more magically factor in war buffs, max tower level and guage if base has stacked Defensive gear.

I absolutely love the bonus flames since our team has never had a sandbagger and I’ve been coaching their flying since January. Some are still hopeless or refuse to give up warriors. I mean If it was Lettuce that warrior is ok. Joined in March 2018 with Sapphire high level flyers in Platinum 3. So a core of us had to learn. Being a team without major power or high level base to deter wars mad a top core of us good flyers.

I just don’t know how to accurately prepare my team. I’d normally make a chart but math yo. Like lvl 52 towers now feel like lvl 54.

Defensive gear only have lvl 60 towers and was complimented how high my DP was. So I obviously know Defensive gear can make a lvl 60 tower be actually much higher.


Hmmm, honestly, I haven’t made too huge a deal of the boosts, etc, other than to reasssure someone if they crash and burn that it’s probably not their flying. Are you running waves to try and cut down on defenders? Most know to look for rider or boosted base and know what tower levels they can kill with and without defense, but usually we just have a go at it without a ton of analysis.

If they don’t get to 35%, they quit, and we reevaluate if they need to take another target or have someone go high - or if they have time and can get without defenders, or if they can change dragons or tactics. I’ve found too much analysis beforehand can actually lead to folks choosing bases that are too low, rather than trying and getting lucky in a wave! It’s why the 7 attempts are nice, we can try multiple times, then stop with 2 tries left and change bases. It sounds like you’ll have a team of really good flyers pretty soon!

How many wars have you done under the new system? I didn’t know how to adequately prepare my team either, we just had to learn fast by doing. :joy::see_no_evil:

Whoops replied to myself :joy::bowing_woman:

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Sounds like you’re doing all the right things re: working on flying skills! How defensible are your own bases? That has made a huge difference to us.

There are definitely pros and cons with the new war system. Personally I don’t think the buff is one of the problems. It has been a pain to get players to understand that there is a buff and you can’t take bases you usually can. Everyone has that one person that refuses to listen and learns the hard way after several wars.

It is a lot of fun to take down higher levels as a low level myself. At the same time it is frustrating not to be able to take the same bases I usually do. Although through this you also take away the ability to practice a base which benefits the team that gets declared on a minute before.

You can still practice through league menu. Just without the boosts.

You can still practice but it’s hard to determine if you can attack a kill island with the boost added. It’s still doable, just makes it a harder to figure out.


I tend to think they’re a positive. I saw a lot of wars at/near the 350 mark under the 10% scenario, and this just pushes people a little further from that tie.

I can see how OP is frustrated in particular by the combination of the buff and the debuff, but I actually see them both as positives.

The buff is necessary at the levels where dragons have the edge over towers, and even at the levels where it isn’t so vital, it makes defending more valuable. Defending and building well matters more, getting 6 or 7 flames becomes that much harder, and that much more of a determining factor.

And the debuff…this is one of the most interesting factors, in my opinion. It’s one of the few things that might actually change the dragon a person might use, and change the strategies that an individual or team might use to clear bases. I have Pathox and Ronin too…but if they were debuffed enough, perhaps I’d use some other dragon, or rethink my strategy and targets.

But I suppose there’s still time to see how it plays out in the long term.