Are Asura and Gunnar's Glyph of Hunter’s Mark good for Noctarn?

Both Asura and Gunnar’s Glyph will increase Hunter’s attack and Hunter’s Mark healing. Not sure if it is good to use both Mythic Glyph for Noctarn? Any thoughts/comments?

Yep those are useful on Noctran
Personally I feel stacking rage runes works way better on Noctran. More sand and more dodge option.


They should work.

Whether they’re a good choice or not depends on your dragon and the bases you fly. Do you commonly survive a hit or two with a little health left? If so, more healing probably would help. Mine tends to rely more on not being hit in the first place since noctarn doesn’t have any resists, so a little more healing wouldn’t change much for my play style since I usually don’t get hit at all, or die before I could kill a marked tower to heal.


If both spells have exactly same name the glyph will work on Noctarn, if not it wont.

If same name and same boosts it wont work :laughing: otherwise it will but kinda pointless

Why?? I assumed it’s working at least I have it on :joy:

You can equip them both because they have different names… I don’t think that’s what he meant (I could be wrong though)

i mean if everything the same it wont work at all same name same secondary and primary

What I asked is the combination of all these answers. I want to know if they can be equipped, healing can be stacked etc. It seems that the statement is that if they have different name for the glyph, but the exact same name for the spells, they should work and stacked. Thank you all for the answers.

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That’s what I figured :wink:

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Yes they work because even though the name of the glyph is different the buff it grants is to HUNTER HEALING MARK which is the spell the all share. The name being different just ensures they can be stacked. I do find rage is more important and only stacked one and got rid of the epic battle screech cooldown

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