Are buying extra places on your roster worth it

It would let you have another dragon in your team but is there a better thing to spend the rubies on?

I found it useful to get the full 10 slots, at least at the relatively low level where I am. It means I can have more dragons resting while doing leveling-runs, and have a little more choice available when joining an unplanned run. Not something badly needed but in the long run it saves quite a few healing potions. And 1600 rubies for all three extra slots is really not a lot, less than you get from a single event week even at low level.

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For me, it was worth it early. But the value faded over time.

Now I almost never keep a full roster. I hate getting missions for dragons I don’t really want to use. (This is not when grinding missions. If I’m grinding, I have only one dragon in my roster). So, I usually have 5 or 6 in my roster.

But that is just me.


It would depend on how many healing potions you have i suppose. Personally I rarely have more than 5 dragons in my roaster. 3-4 i use and 1 i am training.

I did open up all the slots and keep them full at all times … even when converting rubies to tokens via missions. It saves on heal potions. :slight_smile:

Some of us just can’t get rid of potions.

Not worth having a full roster. I keep mine with 4-5 dragons max.

I think a full roster is more beneficial early on. You have so many dragons to level. Once you hit the Sapphire Wall. You will master dragons by the time the next one is bred. Unless you are spending a lot money to eggs.

When I’m not actively doing runs I have 1 dragon in my roster and that’s Ember. When I’m doing attacks I add 3 or 4 then put them away when I’m done. Just makes for easier egg missions.

I find it handy to have a full roster for backing weak players on xp runs but save a few precious healing potions. Once I can unlock the infinite healing potion boost then this will be less of an issue.

Where can I find that boost? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have close to 1400 healing potions. It was +1800 before I started speeding up the egg missions, which I started to do less than four weeks ago. And I forge potions exclusively. So yes, using all the slots has helped some. :see_no_evil:

Some high level players seem to have an unending supply of potions.

Lol how do you get so many? The most I have ever gotten was 350. Probably coz I attack too much lol


I forge potions, get them from raid drops, from event prizes, but mostly from bronze chests. Open the bronze chests hoping for sigils and out pops potions. :sweat_smile:

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That’s not even a lot compared to most in diamond.

That is coz you diamond players spend and get tons from gold chests

I don’t spend. Well I’ve spent $60 total in two plus years. Potions just rain from the sky. And what I spent was on 3 separate value packs. My elite is paid with rubies.

I found that once I stopped forging potions, I always had them.

Give me some…
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I find it worth, since I’m training several dragon at once. Usually without using potions

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