Are crystal cave upper prize tiers correct?

Firstly this event is tricky to compare because it uses the Temple Raid and Gauntlet tiers (82k team prize) yet energy resets like Fight Pits.

Also the tiers are not quite at the same points level but I have noticed some significant nerfs (appreciate if someone else can review in case my maths sucks!)

  1. No rubies in the last 2 tiers

This is resulting in 7,500 ruby loss.

  1. Sigils slightly nerfed in the top end from the last checkpount by 2,000 sigils.

  2. Mythic rune placed at the end on the last tier.

  3. No breeding tokens in last 3 tiers.

Resulting in 6,000 less eggs.

  1. Many gold chests moved to the last tier (20) it used to be spread out among the last few.

  2. 10 plats in 2nd to last tier is nice but not sure it makes up for missing rubies and sigils.

TL;DR I’m not convinced spenders or grinders are going to be too exited going for the last few tiers.

I see @Zamirathe is already updating her spreadsheet vault - thanks Zami!


Personal prizes are the same as Fight Pits but require higher points, team achievements are the same as Temple Raid


Thanks ZDG that looks about right.

Ok so its probably reasonable given the unique dragon points boost.

Only difference is potentially the mythic rune placement.

Thx ZDG for the chart.

That’s some jump from prize 25 to 27 now. Have to double score for next sigil prize (160k to 320k). That’s a significant jump from old prize system (140k to 230k).

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Looks easier no? Diff between FP and CC in the early prize tiers is about 2x, but when you get to the higher tiers the diff drops to about 1.5x.


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