Are exotic gears really a game changer?

Dear PG ,
Thank you for providing us with exotic gears in Atlas . It gives us something new and exciting to go for , every season. This season has been a special one too because we can get upto 8 exotic gears this season in Atlas . But are exotic gears really a game changer ? I realised one thing when I took a look at it closely .

The generic exotic gears all seem to be very good. The shield , the sword and the ring , all have their own uses and are very well appreciated .

Let’s take a look at the exotic gloves which are specific for each dragon class .

The exotic gloves for hunter , they’re definitely a game changer . They get advertised as coming with a + 20% Ammo Regen . There are also reports that the gloves actually add 50% Ammo regen vs a promised 20% , I hope someone from PG can clarify how the math works for this with some actual flight videos / damage seen with and without the gloves .

Overall verdict after consulting many people who use these gloves on dragons like Barbend / Solarius : must have :heavy_check_mark:

Next , let’s take a look at the exotic gloves for the warrior class . It promises a 20 percent warrior projectile speed increase as per its description . What does this actually do ? What does that translate to when this gear is equipped on a warrior and flown on an actual base ? Can anyone from PG explain this gear and how it’s special / worthy of being called an exotic spell addition ?

Warriors off late suffer from low breath damage unless using a breath amplifier spell / using a lot of attack runes. Does this exotic gear actually help improve that in any way ? If so , can we see the numbers to show how it actually helps any warrior ?

Looking forward to some clarity from PG


There is definitely a huge difference in what the hunter gloves do vs what the sorcerer and warrior gloves do (which is basically nothing). I’ve seen no noticeable difference between a warrior or sorcerer with and without these gloves. There is no real purpose for them, they’re not exotic gear, they’re just falsely advertised mythic gear

Either the hunter gloves need to be reduced significantly or the warrior and sorcerer gloves need to be buffed significantly. I dont think breath speed even does anything on a warrior besides makes the attack start doing damage more quickly once you touch the screen. I dont think increasing the speed increases the actual damage output in a specific time.

Unfortunately PG will not provide any information about this. They never do. It’s easier to just ignore it instead.

I Love the gloves on my sorcerers! Sorry you don’t, maybe its cause I’m not quite end game yet. But I’m in 500’s haha.

It doesnt really have anything to do with level, they just dont really do anything. that 20% boost to breath speed isnt noticeable at all. You put the same sorcerer with the exotic vs mythic gloves and there’s no difference, the breath speed is just as slow either way. 20% is too low for a sorcerer or warrior.

@PGAlgodon are you the right person on PGs team to explain to us what the exotic glove for warriors actually does to help a warrior ? If so , could you please help us understand more about what makes it an exotic add on :slight_smile:

I am comparing it to the exotic hunter glove which is said to be broken and overdoes things compared to what it is said to do. I know some people could explain it more technically if needed .


Gotcha, thanks for input and happy flying!

From what I can see I’m pretty sure that +20% is correct for all classes.
Hunter ammo regeneration is usually 1 every 0.6 seconds, so with this helm its most likely 1.2 every 0.6 seconds.

For the warriors projectile speed, most warriors have their breath projectile speed at 95. The few that have laser beams like GiG usually have it at 500. 120% of 95 is 114, 120% of 500 is 600.

For the sorcerer its +20% attack speed. I’m not entirely sure what 100% attack speed actually is but since most “damage” numbers are damage per second and the sorcs damage number is 2.25 their single shot damage and they shoot 3 shots per attack I would say it is 2.25 / 3 = 0.75 attacks per second per default so 0.9 attacks per second with the helm.

So hunter gets 1 extra shot every 3 seconds (more if a spell that reduces ammo cost or increases regen amount is running), warriors damage reaches the towers 20% faster and sorcs attack 20% more

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Theoretically this maybe correct , however I have heard that some people tested it with and without the gloves and ammo regen was 1 every 0.4 seconds with the helm . That’s a 50% variation .
Now couple that with a spell that increase regen rate / reduces ammo cost already and it means much more ammo than what should ideally be available . That is definitely game changing stuff if it’s true .

Now warrior damage reaching a tower 20 percent faster seems like peanuts in comparison because it’s just the speed at which the flame reaches a tower . The warrior damage output / breath damage is still quite low normally so honestly not really sure what the use of the flame reaching the tower faster actually helps with . Don’t you think an exotic gear should do something better when it’s hunter counterpart is such a game changer ?

I dont have any of the gear myself, Im just looking at stuff in some files. If it is a 20% buff to the regen rate instead it should be 1 every 0.5 seconds.

How valuable all of these buffs are I dont know, and Im not here to judge if its worth being “exotic” or not.

The ammo part is wrong , it boosts spells that add ammo ( not infinite ammo ) and natural ammo gen by 20 % .


Durgoth’s Red Nova Spell : Dragon dodges all incoming projectile attacks and supershots for (1) seconds, refills (50)% ammo, and deals (14)% of its modified HP as damage to all nearby towers.

No glove equipped :point_up_2: had 1 ammo when spell was casted and is almost 50%

Glove equipped :point_up_2:, it gets a 20% extra on 50%

I believe the difference is clear :v:

P.s : dont forget on both pics the natural ammo gen kicks in with 1-2 ammo so was hard to ss perfect 0-50% transition for the spell

P.s 2 : and whoever this "line expert " is that is spreading this rumor about ammo being added 50% owes me some rubies


Back in April, @MiinaNiina and myself tested the effect of the hunter glove by looking at footage with and without it frame by frame. With the glove, ammo regeneration is increased to where you get 1 ammo every 0.4 seconds. So in a set period of time you will regenerate 50% more ammo and not just 20%.

For example in 2.4 seconds, without the glove you get 2.4/0.6 = 4 ammo
With the glove you get 2.4/0.4 = 6 ammo

6 ammo is 50% more than 4 ammo

What makes this glove so effective on some hunters however is the stacking of it with spell based ammo regeneration because they stack multiplicatively.

Take Solarius for example, it‘s blue spell provides 400% ammo regeneration so instead of gaining 1 ammo every 0.6 seconds, you gain 5 ammo in 0.6 seconds. In the spell‘s 4 second duration that‘s 33.3 ammo. Now with the glove, you gain 1 ammo in 0.4 seconds and combined with the spell 5 ammo in 0.4 seconds. In the spell‘s 4 second duration that‘s 50 ammo. Jumping from 33.3 to 50 is again 50% more ammo when having the glove compared tonot having it. 50% more regeneration so 400% * (1+50%) = 600% is the stacked regeneration provided by spell and glove

A few weeks ago, together with @Harsha I tried to figure out what the warrior glove exactly does. A warrior usually does 10 ticks of damage/second so we wanted to know if the breath speed maybe increases the amount of ticks in a second but it didn‘t look like there were actually more ticks or damage. If you look at warrior breath beam like a chain, the glove should increase the travel speed of every single piece so ultimately it would traveler at a faster speed and therefore deal more damage in a set period of time (as long as the distance between projectiles doesn’t change).
However, it looks like only the „first element of the chain“ gets increased speed so it initially connects faster to a tower when you drag your finger over it but once your finger is on the target and stays there for some time, the glove seems to be doing nothing at all.

We don‘t know how this exotic effect is actually supposed to work but from what it looks like it doesn‘t do much

(Haven’t done any testing on sorcerers, sorry)


So normal warrior breath speed is 95? That means with the glove it is 114, right?. Dragons like Sorathrim and Nockmar who have spells that boost their breath speed have speed of 300 and that is for the attack to nearly start hitting as soon as you touch the screen.
So while the hunter gloves tremendously increase the potential damage output of the hunter they’re on, the warrior gloves not only dont actually increase the dragon’s damage output like you’d think but the actual amount of speed increase is so low that it isnt even noticeable. Pretty much it doesnt actually do anything while the hunter gloves are significantly game-changing.
They should just make every single warrior in the game have a breath speed of 300 at least. It doesnt actually change much besides that initial touch of the screen but it is something they should all have as a QoL improvement.

@MiinaNiina did a video showing the regen rates for the hunter gloves and speed difference for the sorcerer gloves. I didnt see one of the warrior gloves yet


I hope this doesn’t sound funny but some of us fly warriors on auto and just focus on spell cycling . I don’t feel like this exotic glove does anything for the warrior at all :joy: I hope someone from PG clarifies and also tells us what and why it is exotic sooner than later :laughing:.

Thank you for the detailed response .

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Made a short video about this


Should have been 0.48. But PG made a happy (for me) mistake and made it 0.40 instead. :joy:

I’ll make it tonight. 三┏ʕ ; •ᴥ•ʔ┛

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If it was actually meant to reduce the regen rate instead of the regen amount, it should be 1 ammo every 0.5 seconds, not 0.48.

Im guessing its somehow a flat 0.2 reduction instead of a 20% reduction somehow but from what I can read in the files it looks like it should be +20% on the 1 ammo regenerated every 0.6 seconds

Comparison of Warrior Projectile Speed (with & without Exotic Glove) :boxing_glove:


My calculation was 1 ammo per every {0.6s * (100% - 20%)} = 1 ammo per every 0.48s.

To get 0.5s as result, the normal rate that we are using as a base has to be treated as 120% from the beginning, no?

If the calculation is based off of normal rate, then it shouldn’t it rather be treated as 100% instead? :thinking:

Not that 0.02s will make any difference, but my half asleep brain thinks mine is correct. :joy: I’ll take another look at it when I wake up. :wave:t2:

Thank you for this. So a whole 0.22s difference and that’s only in how long it takes for the flame to reach the tower when touching the screen. That’s really pathetic and not at all worth being called exotic gear