Are Jaalkan’s runes right?

I just caught up with the stream and Jaalkan’s runes give reduced cooldown on the cloak spell, which has a 1.5 second cooldown, but the runes can reduce that cooldown to 0. Am I missing something?

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No you’re not, that’s intentional


Thank you! Seems like an interesting dragon to fly


We finally have mythic ammo runes that can stack and I can’t use two cause I have to fill one up with a legendary rune :sob:


Is a 0.5s cooldown even something that’s noticeable?


To me… no. To most hunter fliers with fingers the speed of lightning… :rofl::crazy_face: probably seems like a decade is passing.


Are you sure?

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I should probably say: ‘As said by Rdm on stream’

But Gal has also said there were some discrepancies between slides and actual so :woman_shrugging:t2:


Not sure, but if you have to wait for the spell to finish to get the damage boost, then probably since that’ll mean ss like ice flak are ready to hit you and you can’t dodge them in time. Not having the dragon I don’t really know yet, but I’d assume having no cool down like Calavore would be pretty nice.

Thankfully the epic rune isn’t needed at all for that.

PgNine. RDM didnt know as hasnt flown him yet.

Edit: Nine created the runes.

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I thought I remembered rdm pointing out what Nines said too :thinking: But either way - point is, it was said by a PG person


So what the epic rune would do??
Combining all 3runes the time decrease is 1.75s
Where’s the cooldown of the spell is 1.50s as per slides

Sorry that this is out of place but is there a link so that I can go check out the new dragons for next season? I just want to see the spells and runes for them and I don’t really want a commentary over the top.

Runes: Increase Persevere Duration: .25s/.5s/1s
Increase Invoker HP: 4%/8%

Runes: Increase Avalanche Breath Duration:: .25s/.5s/1s
Increase Warrior HP: 4%/8%

Runes: Decrease Opening Salvo Cooldown: : .25s/.5s/1s
Increase Sorcerer Attack (for some reason): 4%/8%

Runes: Increase Counterstrike Cooldown: : .25s/.5s/1s
Increase Hunter Attack: 4%/8%

Rider 1


Thank you!

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