Are mega coins worth the resources?


This is very true!

Being able to get that amount of points in a single run is difference between taking/losing land, making it to the next pit, etc


Last event (KW), I think any attack was worth 100 and inner fire was worth the same. What changes is the level of the base compared to teammates, as a multiplier up to 1.25. Usually you can get the details showing on the result screen.


This isn’t true. @Kardul

You do lose one regular attacks worth of points per super & you lose quite a bit more for megas.

You lose this regardless of any base or multiplier


I am not saying that’s not the case :grin: That’s not what I mean. I was talking about the base points for a single attack costing 4 energies, not super or mega :sweat_smile: by “any attack” I meant “regular”


Base points always change between events. But the math always stacks the same way.


The way Doc laid it out will always be relevant. The numbers may change based off event and what you are hitting but the percentage doesn’t change. I am just really happy my math got doubled/triple checked!


Oh lol ok…

But yeah pretty sure it does give just flat base points.
Don’t think anything else is added. 100% of base points per IF. Could be wrong though


Time is a resource, once which is very precious in PVP. The best points/resources spent will always be regular attacks, but will take far more time. As others have said, timing of attacks is highly important in achieving objectives in all PVP events. Team Gauntlet and Kingdom Wars are the most obvious because of the race features, but Fight Pits, TOW, Temple Raid all reward time-sensitive strategies.

I vary my strategy (reg vs super vs mega) based on time component. I rarely use super attacks unless I dont have the resources for megas. Low time-sensitive portions (eg temple guards in temple raid) get regular attacks, while time sensitive portions (eg monument in KW) get megas.


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