Are Mega Quits Worse Than Ever This Time?


Is it just me or is the Mega Quit reaching epidemic proportions this time around? I know its not new, and there has been some debate about it before (link). But this time around it seems like every team, including my own, is doing it every time.

Look at this absurd PvP outcome for example. Both teams cleared it in under 5 minutes, with only 16 second spread between the two teams. And this is not Diamond, this is Plat 2. Things are usually a little bit less loony down here than they are with the big boys and girls up in Diamond.

Its choking the little players out; they never get a chance to hit PvP.

MegaQuit: Why is this still a thing?

We had the same and none of us quit the attack. you can finish a base easily in under 2 minutes, so your 5 minutes lets every player attack twice. easy going


We have seen the same thing only some of ours have lasted less than 4 minutes. I think it’s from everyone saving chests at the end of last season so we are all fat with fires and energy. I bet we don’t see it quite as much towards the end of the season but it is really bad for the littler people on the team.

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Megaquits are for sub-minute kills. Our team in P1 generally downs the island under 3 minutes, that’s one full run for the lucky few who get to finish their super or mega, and one failed run for the rest, but nobody megaquits here.


Some of them are probably mega finishes rather than mega quits - 5 minutes is long enough to finish 1 run, though probably not 2 runs unless quitting.

But in my minds eye I remember at the P2 level in past Gauntlets that it would be 15-20 minutes or so typically. Up to 30-40 minutes certain times of day.

It just seems like the pace is much faster now, whether its quits or finishes. @Imm1226 idea that being fat with inners and energy packs due to being first PvP of the season may be a good explanation.


most of our rounds have lasted less than 2m 30s, 0 mega quits that I’m aware of


As long as megas even exist it pushes out the smaller players. Only takes a few simultaneous megas completed to beat the island in less than 5 Min. I’m lucky if I get my 2 supers in, left rejoicing every chance Gustav is back so I can actually make hits. It has nothing to do with mega quitting, just the set up of the event :woman_shrugging:


In d1 even 2 min is considered slow :rofl: and there is lore health on the island.


Other than the obvious financial implications that we all know drive everything that PG seems to think of. There has to be a better solution and gameplay model other than seeing how fast people can mash the quit button with rounds ending in under 2 min without every actually flying anything…?


They could just settle PvP events with an auction.


Make a mandatory 70% kill of a base for a win for ANY points at all.


I’ve seen 2.5 minute kills with no mega quits. 3 min is a good average with no quits and enough people on line. 5 min means not only wete there no quits, but people attacked twice.


I could get behind this or some sort of scaling up towards full points at 70%. Preferably on a curve so 20% is only worth minimal points and you need to be up towards 50% before you’re getting a decent chunk of the points.

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I could get behind this scale.
69%= 0 points.
70%=full points.


And you are suddenly completely and utterly screwed if your game crashes, or if you get a phone call that kicks you out of the game if you don’t reach 70% first…


Risk vs. Reward…


What if supers and megas still give the player the higher points to their event points BUT for the pvp race we’re only given the single hit base points?
This would mean the more active team as a whole would win pvp rounds…


I mean, you’re screwed too if the game crashes during a super attack. Support is usually willing to refund refunded mega coins lost from crashes.

If you dont finish the attack then you shouldnt be getting points. Mega coins should not get special treatment, they already ruin pvp events


Super attacks are a lot cheaper in terms of resources used though.


And? That’s the risk one takes by supporting the use of mega coins. Again, mega coins should not get special treatment. In every other part of the game 69% or lower is a failure, it should be the exact same way for megas. Like I said, if the game crashes then let support know. No one I know has ever had an issue with getting their mega coin back after a crash.