Are poachers coming to hit your castles with the new glory system

Is this happening to you ? Big 500 plus prime goes to a castle with only 3 k troops this is done for him to hit but not get hit , over and over hitting with so little troops does not give u a chance to attack him ? I have a solution for this !!! If a team is bringing less than ten primes to hit they will get less glory , for instance if you come with one to 4 primes and hit a castle , you will get only 1/3 of the glory , if you use 5 to 9 you will get half the glory and if you bring ten primes to hit a castle you will get full glory . This will end bullies coming with a huge prime and hitting a semi strong team and with the new glory system it makes them rich with glory .


Welcome to atlas :laughing:


I actually like the idea in some form.
What if the glory is scaled by how it is now but then some % of scaling based on the number of troops you have. Maybe 100% glory scaled only if you have say 10k troops when you arrive at the castle? Would have to stay scaled while you’re still there…
It would mean you at least have half a chance to attack them back.
But only at castles ofc

  1. What league are you on?
  2. What is your castle tier?
  3. Where is your castle?
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Coordinates and all? :wink:


Don’t blow it up…

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I actually like the generalized idea of this tbh…

would deff decrease the snipe and run attacks
would encourage a better team approach
would promote a more strategic approach
would provide a fair attack/defense system
would possibly get more peeps involved in attacking

I’m curious to what someone can build off this idea.



I really like this idea. It disincentives the sniping and nonsense that goes on that lets people pop on by with 3k troops and attack before anyone can strike back. It might need some tweaking, but it neatly solves the problem of Atlas snipers without making a take over attempt unrewarding.


I think it’s unfair to lower glory gain for snipers. As they may be annoying it can be countered and it is a war game. The game should be more attacking not less. I’d much rather get rid of all NML and let teams battle it out for glory. Would bring some joy back to atlas.

I think the issue with this proposal lies in the definition of sniping as a problem to be solved. There are ways to keep your entry castles from being hit by snipers.

I can’t support anything that makes Atlas an even more stagnant, stale, uninteresting gaming environment than it already is.


Can’t disagree with this, but sniping isn’t “playing” Atlas imo, it’s just glory farming which is a means to an end/game mechanic more than a “win” strategy.


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Yah I get it, and yes it is a strategy to wear the enemy down. However I feel that players do it more for personal gain than the aforementioned. But maybe I’m out to lunch, wouldn’t be the first time.


You’re not. You’re absolutely right, at least in my opinion.

But I don’t see why that’s a problem. Without sniping as a mechanic, individuals would be limited to NML and glory swapping as glory gaining mechanisms - because Atlas politics and power imbalances make it impossible to do anything more than that.

I mean, unless you’re actually on one of the teams that is taking over the world.

I would absolutely support mechanical changes that disincentivize hitting down - such as making the glory penalty for hitting below your level either nothing or next-to-nothing (literally 0). Because yes, I hate having level 500’s roll into my 'hood as well. But the problem is that there is no reason for that 500 not to do so. There’s nearly no risk, but they get full rewards.

IMO, that’s the issue that needs to be addressed.


100% agree!


Brings us back to hut/player tier being more relevant than level however…

bad idea. encourages farmers and stagnation

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Until PG fixes the stupid glory system where it’s weighted completely towards the attacker, this will keep happening.

It’s just part of the current game mechanics.

PG - please change so that defenders get good glory too. If my base spanks an attacker, and I lose 500 troops, and they lose 5k (or WAY more) I get virtually no glory, like 300. That’s STUPID.


There is indeed strategy in sniping. Death by 1,000 cuts.
If you’re always fighting engagements where the outcomes are favorable even if the quantities are small they add up over time.

They are maximizing your losses while minimizing their own.

IE Over the long run their troop loss < yours. There is a form of winning to be had in this.

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How strong is the player attacking your base?
In your castle, you’ll get 750 glory regardless of level.
For you, you’ll get 750 glory from 500 troop loss.
For your attacker, 375 glory from 5k troop loss.