Are Quests Glitched Again?


People have discussed glitches with quests in the past. Personally, I’ve never experienced those glitches (then again, I tend to never experience glitches that other players experience… a bit strange if you ask me). Ironically, I am experiencing a glitch right now. I have been on top of my quests this entire event, but it says I missed one. I checked quests 4 times before they ended for the day, and it said I had three done while others had four done. I was hoping this was a temporary glitch where it didn’t show that I completed it, and it would be back to normal once the day’s quests had ended. It was not. Instead, it says I missed a quest. I am 100% sure I did not miss a quest. The little message was even there to indicate to me that I had completed that quest, yet here I am with only four quests completed, unable to complete the final one, while having done all previously available quests. Am I the only one experiencing this?

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I usually experience that for every event for quests. As long as you complete the quests it should go back to normal. Or it doesn’t, but I think it still counts as you did.

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@moderators this thread can be closed now please :slightly_smiling_face: (spoke with support, should have done that before creating a thread)

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