Are Runic Chests good?

LIke…i mean…r they worth it :upside_down_face:

I’m not sure if this is good :yum:

See this topic:
Runic Chest/Bonus - 16/5/18 - Kingdom Wars

Good if uve got a deep deep deep pocket

For the rest of us with just a shallow pocket… not really


I got the same rune.
Does this mean I can put it on any hunter dragon?

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Yes unless the rune slots r already filled with mythics

Then ull have to think carefully on whether u should get rid of a mythic rune for a leg hunter rune

Id say wait until u get one of the best divine hunters or uknowwhich lineage hunter

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I personally do not find them worthwhile. These new runes are appealing but I would rather save my rubies for something that I know I’ll be happy with—namely the Super Sigil chests I’m going to need to get Fomhar’s Garnet stone. That’s much more worthwhile than ever seeing an Epic Rejuvenate rune again.
That being said: What you do in this game is going to depend a lot on what you need and what your strategy is. If you’ve got something in those chests that you really want and you’ve got rubies to spare, go for it. May the drop rate gods smile upon you. :t_rex:


I think 8k of rubies is to much for 10 chests, so I never buy them. I was given the suggestion to get my silver chest to 29, buy 1 runic chest, then the bonus chest will be legendary.

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Just open 30 silver chests and save the bonus chest. Same result. :ok_hand:


You can save the bonus chest?

Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing for months.

I am going to this

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Works too for Super Sigil chests


srsly!!! i better start doing this :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::star_struck:

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To answer the OP, the answer is absolutely not. They were already a bad deal and now they are even more watered down with these new junk runes.


I’ll second the first part–absolutely not.

Until the rares are removed completely and the odds of a legendary or mythic are 40% or greater, absolutely do not spend rubies on these. Unless you just have rubies burning a hole in your pocket. Even then, far better to spend them on riders and gear.

I don’t think the new runes are junk though–it really depends upon what you have already and what your options are. Considering how small the increase is and that they all appear to have some resist as secondary (why not rage?), I would rather have a rage rune. Especially when you look at how much a rider with even just level 3 epic gear will boost your attack and HP, the value of these runes is relatively low, but they are not worthless (IMO).

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8k? i dont think anybody should even consider buying a chest 10 times instead of 10 chest pack once.

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