Are Team Quests chests cumulative?


Does anyone know if the Team Quests chests are cumulative or just singular? :rose:

For example, if we made it part way through Team Chest 4 by the end of the event. Would we get the contents of Chest 1 + 2 + 3 or would we just get the contents of Chest 3?

Edit: @Arelyna


As far as I understand you would just get chest 3. Maybe tag @PGJared also

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It seems to make sense but it doesn’t since the effort put into getting the second chest would only be for boosts. I’d tell my team to forget it if this is really the case. :confused:

It’s a good question, I was thinking they are cumulative but that was just my assumption. If not then prizes are really screwed lol

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Even if cumulative I question the value vs. the effort and opportunity cost.

IF they could be achieved through normal play/effort it’d be one thing, but if for example my daily quest every day contains 80 attacks, the time spent doing that would have been better spent grinding token missions

Are those seriously the prizes? I have to use 80 heal pots at-least for my 3 quest. The first 2 prizes are sad as hell the 3rd is meh. They do not help get me back what I’m using, no where near close. All to get 100 egg tokens and 20k rune dust? :unamused: COME ON!!

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I did my 80 attacks while doing egg missions.

And @AphroditeTG use a Lv one ember and if you unfortunately don’t have that one of the first red dragons can still be used for almost 0 heal time so no potions needed.

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A question I have is, do we have all week to get to the last chest?

What’s your level and what level bases did your quest require? The mission bases (most of them) are too low level for that to work for me and probably others too.

The exceptions for missions being do X million damage, then PGKiss’s base works or the kill X bases, then there are some floating around (the usual base recommended for that mission is only 119).

I’d hazard a guess that it’s reset each event.

I used base Evas (338) which has only farms with my ember and cheese’d it pretty hard while doing token missions. Still took my 2 hours to do though.


I think I ran you at least 60 times to do my bloody tedious kill X bases mission…:man_facepalming:

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I saw, i was just done my missions when you started up last night haha

Bloody tedious. Some hours of my life I won’t get back… :joy:

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So we have 5 days to get to the last chest?

I’m actually going to use ember on your base a few times to take advantage of your wonderful gift to the community during this harsh and crazy time. :kiss: Thank you! Can you be a dear and put a totem at the end? Make it a chest base? :woman_shrugging:

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Yeah. I hit Mechengg a bunch too. Some of his teammates appreciated me using a lvl 1 Nydryr to lead ember so they could get in more supershots :laughing:


This was fantastic of you to do, really a team player here (from another team) lol everyone on my team was very appreciative

AphroditeTG, unfortunately i’m not going to put a totem at the end, there are other chest bases with that philosophy i’m just trying to be a quick and dirty as fast as i can be defeated base so that attackers spend as little time as possible on the base to get 100% and my defenders can get off supershots


I can appreciate that :wink: I’m going through now with apophet if they need supershots I can follow with ember so they get 2 chances for supershots.

BTW this is sad. PG missed the mark for sure, this time :upside_down_face:


they did big time. it’s really cool to see the community work together though :slight_smile:

I’m a 191. I was using msmersy for mine, but I know 2 Lv 300+ ones I could’ve used just as effectively and mechengg was kind enough to help people as well.

Even the level 10 chest seems a bit light for all the effort involved.

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