Are the new event legendaries better than

I went to the official discussion site for Omiros, and the chat has gone completely off topic.
The Omiros demo looked interesting.
Do you think it would be better than Haku?
I know most haven’t flown him.
But if I get him I want the 20% bonus
But this…
Same dilemma on the hunter side, is Zel Noth better than Galgrim?

Maybe I should wait for divine

IMO Zel’Noth spells set are better than Galgrim spells. Also it depends about which flying style you prefer, because they are different from this point of view. Personally I like more Zel’Noth.

About the warriors, since I haven’t them I can’t compare and say which is better.


Definitely. Easier to learn timing imo as well.

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I have Hyaku,
Similar. I’ll try to compare the spell kit.
Frozen Comet - Meteor - Both are an AEO stun that temporarily disable towers + damages towers.

Dark matter Engine - Bloodfury - Bloodfury does not take 25 percent health but still recovers HP. (With Dark Matter Engine you need to kill 2 towers to gain back your health)

Magic Barrier - Collapsing Star - Collapsing Star is literally just a I-will-kill-all-towers explosive shield. Magic barrier blocks all incoming damage and mage supershots.

Adaptive Flak Resist - Dark Flak Resist - Same thing but adaptive flak resist is a resistance to all flaks one at a time and restores 0.25 rage.

I never likes Hyaku nor am I liking Omiros.
Also Galgrim 110%