Are the runes worth it on mythic branch

I got the hunter because I believe it’s has liger zero Schneider theme on him who else has him and are these runes worth going after

I love how even when you make a game related thread you STILL manage to make it off topic.

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In my opinion the rune is definitely worth it. The glyph might be worth it but I prefer the rage and ammo set up I have so its not for me.

You cant use those exotics on other dragons so they have a short life…


Thank you, hello ! mythic branch different from the other branches

U show Aerow ones and those cant be used on other dragons.

I’ve been debating this too. The ascension tokens are worth 18 golds for the next season if you don’t use them on the rune.

You need 6 if i remeber to get the exotic rune and its for that dragon specifically (:sob:)

So you are giving up those gold chests for the next season that may help you long term vs a dragon that will be here short term.

If the rune wasnt bound to just the 1 dragon then id say it is a must have rune/glyph but its hard to say. Depends how much you like the dragon or just going to bench him.

Who benches a hunter still relevant

Not saying I benched him? I did bench Steelewing so in this example i am happy i didnt get his exotics and got the golds instead.

Same goes if people getting a warrior they want to end up putting on a perch, might be better to save those ascension tokens vs getting the rune

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