Are the Spring Dragons Worth It?

I’m a newer player, AND I’m free to play. Not a good set up. But While I’m low lvl, I’m incredibly smart. I built a bad base in my first month, and I’m recovering well…ish. However, I don’t like the spring dragons. I should have gotten Equestor last season, along with Avix, but I miscalculated the sigils so I juss spammed avix in the end. but these spring dragons just look horrible. the mythic looks terrible, and the warrior has the only good spells, and warrions are trash. Any thoughts?

The discount hunter would be a solid choice if for no other reason than he’s on discount and all the other goodies on in his line would be very valuable for a F2P player.

Edit: I personally think he’s a great looking dragon. The only reason I’m skipping him is that his play style looks very similar to Avyx (who I already have). I’m going to get the first page of the discount rider, then wait until the final dragons are revealed. At that point, I’ll either decide to get the gear for the discount rider, or go for the second hunter.


I feel like you ignored all the analysis done on season Dragons, and since you’re new, I don’t blame you for liking the warrior, although to be fair, it’s probably the most powerful warrior kit to date (destar just looks op bc he’s going against harb legendary towers).

I feel like if you’re of decent flying ability, there isn’t a dragon that you’d regret this season thus far.

Also since you’re new, do this:


Spring renewal is a great spell, chaos is cool, and will be better when the runes work… you’re new, so I don’t blame you for not knowing a good spell when it’s offered

Honestly this seasons dragons have been pretty fantastic compared to normal seasons. Yeah Aibrean isn’t necryx but he is fairly solid. The warrior is the best one we have had in a while and the mythic is a fairly decent sorcerer.

I think you will be surprised if your willing to learn the hunter

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I find this funny, every season is inherently stronger than the last because they go up higher in tier

I don’t think so. Personally, I prefer last fall dragons to the wintertides (other than Neptus)

I’m waiting for the next wave to be released in week 6. Riders and a new hunter and sorcerer. I’m a hunter person and although Aibrean looked good, I’ll wait to see what else the developers can come up with. An Avyx with slightly differentiated spells.

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Isn’t the new rider going to be required before you can access the new hunter and/or scoreror?

Other way around. Sorcerer and hunter are required to get the rider.

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I think necryx was a mistake from PG’s point of view since he can hit extremely higher levels compared to his level.
Other than that , winter mythic as you said has been amazing and the surprise dragon was not bad either. I find him very useful personally for his amazing war cry which stacks and mystic winds with those insane time increasing runes. And “Ice turret resist”.
Avyx was amazing hunter and Equestor was good sorcerer except that as any other sorcerer with summon, it’s bad follow on bases setup with sand.

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I don’t think Necryx is mistake though. Perhaps more like 2nd Hau. Spindra is a good sweeper with enfeeble, NL, and sacrifice. Anuba is surprisingly good enough.

I agree that Avyx and Equestor are exceptionally good, but Necryx and Spindra are more specialized. Thus, with decent skill, they are more superior. On the other hand, Kirin is more specialized than Anuba.

Yes I agree Spindra and Necryx are specialised , but then you can’t expect every seasonal to hit bases way above your level and always need awesome dragons to hit at similar and a bit high levels compared to yours.
And the ones last season and this season are still better than most lineage and even many other seasonal dragons, and in fact more unique with new spells as well.


Necryx and Spindra are definitely more specialized. I easily killed a lvl 400+ base with maxed 60 towers twice today.

Necryx sucks if the flier can’t fly him…although I agree he’s easier to fly than hauheset, many players still lose against lower level defended bases in wars.

without going into too much detail, I think people need to decide what they think about “whats powerful to them”

There is a huge difference between say a dragon that can in PVE hit a couple of levels higher than you are and help you clear bases that way (think kinnarus), vs something that might be worth it in a war.

Simple example is Necryx. Yawn yawn so powerful yaada yada. The dragon just dies. Boom gone. So you managed to sand two towers, yippee. Here have a cookie. Now what about 90% of the rest of the base?

Yet flying the same dragon when no one defends, you think you are the bees knees. Your so great you can sand all the blues, and whaddaboom spindra can clear up or morphos or hau or whatever. You just celebrated 3 flaming a base…

Now I know I’m sounding like an ass - thats the intention. The point is this: what makes a good dragon for one player at a point in their game, makes a horrible dragon for another.

Back to this season:

I have airbean at expert, and he is ok. Sort of on Avyx level, with a slightly higher reach if you get your timing just right. He still struggles a LOT vs heavily defended bases, with a lot of storm towers.

Its not that he can’t theoretically roflstomp them all - the mechanism is there - but the timing requirement is very very tight. So for that reason I think most players will find him very underwhelming, because they simply cannot time him right, which means he will die rather fast. I also feel his healing is waaay subpar, for a dragon that takes a lot of damage upfront.

Nolag: his freeze duration is too short, but he is kinda ok. You wont be winning many wars with him due to his inability to regen all the rage he sucks, so once he is empty he is empty, but the mechanic is interesting. Falls flat in the same way gloomclaw did.

Mythicsorcy: has the typical sorceror problem, you overpower everything until you dont, and then you die miserably each time. So depending on which attack vs defense scale you or on, you will either happily roflstomp through a base (especially ones light in storm towers), or on ones with storm towers you will die.

Anyways enough of the essay… get on in telling me how wrong i am


I admire your self confidence :joy:


To be fair, their aren’t many dragons that do well against strong bases with a lot of storm towers. You either kill the front three during the turn or you die. Even neptus dies with a lot of storms. Sure drags like Spindra can get around shields but even spindra dies if you can’t kill the blue fast enough. I think necryx and noc are about the only two that won’t have too much trouble with the typical base layout. At least based on spells.

I guess my point is tbh I don’t get your point

I agree with your evaluation of the new dragons so far tho…I haven’t even used aibrean once yet. I’ll level him eventually To play around but I just don’t need him. Only worth the prizes mostly imo. Curious to see what the next two drags are and if there will be another discount drag.

Necryx gets completely and utterly wasted on any decent base. It’s actually pretty much a lol win for defenders if anyone leads with it.

On Spindra - no comment.

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