Are there fewer sigils?


Is it my imagination or are there now fewer sigils offered in the prizes for this weeks event?

Why are sigil amounts so low this pvp
Fighting Pits points Achievements

apparently, at first glance, it seems like there are lot of sigil prizes missing. But if you tap the +3 button, you’ll see that the sigils are hiding.

And yes, we have them all.

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Sneaky sigils… Playing hide and seek with unsuspecting players :joy:


They should put the sigils out front… :see_no_evil:


I agree. I think most players want to know “where are the sigils?!” at a quick glance so they can plan how they do the event :sweat_smile:


Probably something that was a bit lost in the code :sweat_smile:


I also noticed the V-day portraits are in the prizes again. I cant remember ever getting another chance for a portrait that had come and gone

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Having been off the game for a few months I am surprised how few sigils are available now. It’s certainly way down on When I started 2 years ago

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Funny how brains work making you certain about something that’s evidently not true, as proven by the records people have actually been keeping of these events.

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I don’t count sigils per se. I do know that the general belief amongst a lot of people is the same as mine. I would be pleased to see an audit of the number received over the period so I can then tell people it is only an impression not backed by facts.

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Counting is an excellent way to determine if something is less or more than it used to be… I really recommend it over belief.


LOL wut?

I have a table of prizes dating back probably a year or more
Compare the prize table to what is currently available.
They will match.


maths R hard.


I’ve noticed & a few times I’ve spent sigills on prizes and it’ll say claimed and then it’ll say server error the game will shut down restart and then my sigills are gone and the prize isn’t claimed and I wrote tech support and they disagreed with me and will not compensate me…the sigils are getting more scarce with each event


I have same issue of synch error but have not lost any sigils I have lost chests on mega attacks on PvP events but when I put in ticket P.G. always confirms that I didn’t get them then sends them to me so I would guess that you are not losing any sigils it just may take a bit for it to show up again




No mythic glyph in this event either rather disappointing event for prizes all the way around


I’ve noticed lower amounts for the last couple weeks


Well, to be honest it’s been identical to events that have been running for 2+ years, so it’s just your observational skills