Are there hackers going around?

i got invited to a group chat, i figured it were some of my friends friend who made another group to get everyone together… after joining, i noticed right away they all were randoms with weird names. i left right upon joining.

some people are saying there are warnings that these people are hacking phones via this method of making you click join/ enter group chats?

could it be that when you press “accept” to join the char group, its a way to get hacked? is my phone in danger?



If that’s true then that’s sad on PG’s part.


Those are probably just bot names. Unicode characters aren’t going to break your phone.


i was nervous, but its good to know my phone will be fine. these people are horrible.

There is a character that used to crash the IPhone tho, but yea not a hack nor a permanent break, nor does it happen anymore unless you have an old OS version.

how old? lol

I think it got fixed towards the end of 2017? so about a year old.

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It was a certain character from a keyboard. Can’t remember which one though. Anywho, yeah, like ForScience said, Unicode names won’t break your phone.

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not a keyboard character, is an Indian symbol that looks like a double booty, or a double heart, depending on your taste.


here it is


Though, you obviously wouldn’t want to download attachments, if those start going around. Still, phones tend to be somewhat less susceptible than personal computers, particularly if you don’t allow non-app store apps on Android but better to be safe :stuck_out_tongue: . It’d be more likely to use some shady site/app or phishing for people’s login details.


Why’d you do that for? Now my phone is broke :cry:

Computer stuff is strange


There are still Unicode pattens that crash line every time you open the chat. But you can delete chat history and be done with it.

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