Are there no more ban appeals?

So there was a topic about ban appeals a while back. Is that even a thing anymore?

I sent in a ticket about an account of mine and every response I got back was a permanent ban. I admitted to my wrong doing and even begged to have it rolled back. No luck. Before Loading, my account was a 280 in emerald. Now I’m on the verge of quitting, instead of throwing more money at PG like they really want us to. I spent a lot of money on this game and they are real quick to throw away a long time player after one infraction.

I’m not looking for a bash so don’t bring that here. I’m genuinely searching for answers. Thank you.

That sums everything up for your permanent ban :joy:.


I was asking if rollbacks are pretty much gone, not for smart ass replies but thank you.

So you cheated.
Got caught.
Now you are asking for a redo?


Asking for a chance to do it right. I spent enough money in the game legitimately to be afforded this opportunity I believe.

You can do it the correct way. Start a new account and don’t cheat on it


So all of the people who got rolled back it’s ok for them to have their accounts back regardless of the money they actually spent in game? I think there needs to be some sort of forgiveness level here… always did.

What did you do to cheat? Aka did you gain 2 days of timers or did you gain 100 levels in a few days?


Like I said: I loaded. And I loaded rubies. I did jump in levels but not over days, over the course of three months.

Why would you cheat in the first place and have spent money already? Don’t you think that’s kind of dumb…PG will eventually ban the cheaters and hear their whining about forgiveness. You lost already for doing it the wrong way.


Or should I say I didn’t load them, I purchased from a third party, after being told it was “safe”. I pretty much fell for a scam and it cost me my account.

Hindsight is 20/20. I realize how bad I messed up now. Trust me you’re not beating me down any worse than I’m doing to myself.

Lesson (should be) learned.
Just buy through Play store.

Figured that out the hard way.

I’d say to get your money back from this third party if you can, learn your lesson, and don’t do something stupid like this again.

On a positive note, you can probably do better on your account the second time through :slightly_smiling_face: and you probably have in game connections already


:roll_eyes: Peeking into game data isn’t considered cheating right? :see_no_evil:

Who wants to start from scratch when they were already doing well? Not many. I don’t think I have the patience to do it all over.

What do you mean peeking into game data?

Well… Just peeking…
Like to decide which chest I should open next, or when to stop…

Honestly, you lost me :rofl: